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Discussion in 'SEO, Promotion, Advertising' started by Jordan C, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Jordan C

    Jordan C New Member


    I currently need my forum to be seen, so I would link to have a link exchange with any website that is willing to put my link, on their site.

    Please put it in an easy to see place, as yours will be in the header of all the forums pages.

    I would like to see my link up, before I put up yours, feel free to do so in return.

  2. Wizet

    Wizet New Member

    I would like to but I would like to see the link first.
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  3. Jordan C

    Jordan C New Member

    Server was down. Try now
  4. Wizet

    Wizet New Member

    Do you think it would do both of us any good if we both had little or no members? Not to be rude or anything.
  5. security.equip

    security.equip New Member

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