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Yes, you did read that right lol!
admin.. take a look at the homepage this is for real

I'm doing some live testing of a comments script, no registration is required so just come over to, find the radio station and post to your hearts content. If you could please manage to use one or two whole sentences rather than just type random garbage it would be very helpfull as it's text compression that we are experimenting with.

As an incentive for some the spam detection system is OFF and links using <a href= etc will be fully functional so your pay-masters and search engines can see them. At the end of the month we'll clear the database and things go back to normal. Of course 'normal' for Lovelogic means slighty quirky as we do things a little differently.

We had hoped to be doing this just before christmas but there was some setbacks, so enjoy yourself! Tell a friend and spread the word.