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Hello, i am searching for someone to come help out at my website, i have a website that is based around programming and computing assistance. We currently have a phpbb3 forum set up at http://basetek.org/forums

I have just released it publicly and i am working on getting some users to come sign up and start the community up.

The problem is i am still having major issues when it comes to my main website. http://basetek.org

I've managed to create an OK looking background for the site, but i am looking for someone that is quite good with photoshop or some other image editing software to help me design images for my site, i lack in the graphics design department. So i was hoping that maybe i could offer a staff position to someone that wishes to be a part of the team. Your role would be to assist in creating the images and backgrounds and button images(for the links) for Basetek.

If you have good graphic design skills and wish to be a part of the team, please send me a private message or reply here so we can discuss the details more.