One key insted of Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V

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  1. nuwanpra

    nuwanpra New Member


    Does any one know a method to do copy or paste some text by using only one key stroke rather than using a key combination?

    Is there any tool that will enable us to do this?

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  2. xserve

    xserve New Member

    I could make you a VB.Net application that would attach itself as a service and interpret a specific key as this command.
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  3. xav0989

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    Personally I don't see the advantage of copying and pasting in one keystroke. Most of the time, when you copy, you paste in some other application.
  4. DeadBattery

    DeadBattery Community Support Team Community Support

    As it is already a shortcut, you'd have to remove the functionality of one of your keys to get a 'one keystrocke CTRL+C'
    Control C/V aren't hard to type quickly plus if you made a designated copy/paste key, you'd probably hit it accidentally a lot.
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  5. nuwanpra

    nuwanpra New Member

    I really appreciate xserve's offer. If you did it, it might will become first this kind of tool. because i was searching for one since long time and couldn't find. No one knew and no help from www.

    Also DeadBattery is right. this combination keys are not difficult to use. and very helpful. but in my situation. I have to copy and paste large number of words and sentences from different locations to my application. so if i can use one key instead of the combination i can save considerable amount of time and gain more productivity.

    Xserve, Considering DeadBattery's warning i suggest to add a hot key to make tool on and off and make system tray icon to show the tool's status. this is to avoid accidental hits and you are really planning to make it.

    DeadBattery, can you advice me how to remove function of combination keys and replace it with a one key? I'm working on windows environment .

    Thanks a lot guys. Your replies are highly appreciated.
  6. galaxyAbstractor

    galaxyAbstractor Community Advocate Community Support

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  7. gomarc

    gomarc Member

    Hi nuwanpra,

    You may also find AutoHotkey ( useful. It’s a free open source utility for Windows.

    You can expand it’s functionality to whatever you want. For example, you can copy by simply selecting and pasting using the middle mouse button. Read more.
  8. nuwanpra

    nuwanpra New Member


    My god guy. You are amazing. this is the very exact thing that i was looking for months. Your script is marvelous. I just changed F1 to F9 and F2 to F10 only. It is working all fine for me.

    Thanks a lot man. You are my hero.

    And gomarc solution is also fine. But i have to write a script for it. And i have no idea about how to do it. Any way thanks brother.
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