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  1. John Klyne

    John Klyne Community Advocate Community Support

    I upgraded to paid hosting so this private server I made works. :) And well it does hehe.

    With that said, I am having trouble coming up with some fixes to my private server.

    It is a Massive Multiplayer Browser Game... based on the game

    The problem I am having is making it so that when I attack someone, they lose troops as they should, and that the attacker, if the attack has troops left over after the battle, wins some much resources as the remaining troops can hold as long as those resources are in the town it attacked.

    That is my first problem. I can get it so some attacks lose troops but others for some reason dont, and not one single attack makes the attacker gain resources in the situation I mentioned above.

    My 2nd problem the top problem, being the most important, is that a special unit cannot be built in the game. The unit is called a settler at building lvl 10 you can get 3 settlers which then can be used to make another town, at lvl 20 you get another 3 settlers...

    I am wondering if someone can help me with this? is a good game, and I would love to get some help on making a fully working private server....There are not many bugs, those 2 are just the most important ones.

    the private server I have running is that is the one I have just updated so attacks can be sent and so that some troops die in attacks...but as many of you may know, I'm no great coder, let alone php coder.

    If you can help, I can offer you a position in the server? We can discuss this later on.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, I have a forum made specifically for the private server... is the forum, nothing in it yet, but I will upload the files for the game as requested so we can fix at least those 2 bugs.

    There is a developer forum setion in that and only developers are able to download and test/work on the private server. The travian private servers out there are just hectic and disorganized, I am here to bring some organization to such a project.

    Please respond with your throughts or anything that would help.

    Thank you, from John Klyne.

    Thank you a lot for your time and considertion.
  2. diabolo

    diabolo Community Advocate Community Support

    Hi John Klyne,

    I am willing to help you out, fixing the bugs, if the position is already filled I still would like to play your game. fyi, the link you provided is broken, I believe you misspelled kingdoms.

    I registered as imHavoc.
  3. John Klyne

    John Klyne Community Advocate Community Support

    Yes the link provided is incorrect, there is room for more than one person to help, and help would be greatly appreciated.

    The correct link is

    I see that you registered. Glad to have you join me once again, also I hope that we finish this project

    The forum for the game I have created is

    Register on the forum, and I'll give you developer access. Just started this all yesterday, but it should go well.
    Anyone else out there able to help out? All donations received are divided equally amongst the developing team. Every month through paypal. You receive ingame benefits as well.

    Diabolo, glad to see you join.

    From John Klyne.
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