Please. I need someone to rete this " Under costruction" Page.

Discussion in 'Graphics & Webdesign' started by apcristo, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. apcristo

    apcristo New Member

    Hi everybody. I'm new in web design, A group of friends ask me about to build a website but I need some directions about the graphic and web design. I made the picture and the little page .

    I appreciate your post.

    Kelieth Navas
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  2. Salvatos

    Salvatos Member Prime Account

    It looks nice, but maybe it doesn't load fast enough.
    "Para información de click aquí" should be "Para información de contacto click aquí" I guess.
  3. kkenny

    kkenny Active Member

    Very good site design. Loaded in 1 second for me.
    I say maybe try to make the content in the pop up box more appealing/easier to read.
  4. xPlozion

    xPlozion New Member

    is there any reason to cut the image up and load about 10 different images instead of one? seeing as how they just form one image, and serve no purpose, afaik, it's sorta reduntant... i think that it would load faster if it was one image, as i've seen it piece the image together... :-/
  5. Salvatos

    Salvatos Member Prime Account

    Yea the first time I opened the browser it loaded pretty much instantly, then I closed it and went back to check something and it took longer. Using a single image seems better to me as well.
  6. modulus

    modulus New Member

    would make it easier, just to set the image as the background, then float a div in the center :)
  7. apcristo

    apcristo New Member

    Well, thanks for all the tips. I cuted the image in 8 pieces because i was thinking about te people that have not a high speed connection. For that people is not the same to load a 2 Mb image than 8 images pieces of some kb.
    My theory is that if the set of images are little should load faster.

    What do you think about that theory?.

    In the other hand, I think than Salvatos is right I'´m going to change the Contact Text.

    In a short time I'm going to upload the real page. I'm interesting about all the post.

    Kelieth Navas
  8. xPlozion

    xPlozion New Member

    meh, i think that theory is kinda bad, because the people with dial up only have one connection, and to load up 8 different images will take longer, as by cutting the image, you are not reducing the image size.

    if you are truely concerned about speed for dial-up users, you should consider lowering the quality to the point where you can just begin to notice a significant difference, then up one ;)

    for instance... instead of saving the png as a 9, think about lowering it to reduce the overall file size, but maintaining the quality.

    also, having the image in tables will increase the overall size of the file, and it will piece it together, starting from the top, so if they've got dialup, it would shift halfway through the page...
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  9. tvphoto

    tvphoto New Member

    it takes awhile to load
    but the graphics is very nice!
  10. cafenet

    cafenet New Member

    grapich is nice and animation effect nice too
  11. GBH187

    GBH187 New Member

    I dont understand why you have several languages on your site but not english?

    I rate it 0, as the front page image is all chopped up and loads very slowly because its chopped up and then its multi-language but does not support english
  12. Salvatos

    Salvatos Member Prime Account

    Well he doesn't have to support English if he doesn't want to...
  13. bigtree

    bigtree New Member

    Very nice looking! I love it!
    That's mean, dude! He's new to web design, remember?
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  14. saneal

    saneal New Member

    It looks great! You could add a nice flash intro. Also, a flash table of contents with some good and useful information about the site. I like your multi language approach. It would be nice to translate the site in different languages.
  15. apcristo

    apcristo New Member

    I like all of you comments,GHB187 i'm new in this stuffs, but i think that you are right,But remenber that 1280 x 800 px is not enough space to write in thounsands of languages the same thing. I wrote it in the most popular languages for my region.

    By the way, GHB187 why don't you show us one of your works, to learn more about web design?

    Kelieth Navas
  16. Fearghal

    Fearghal New Member

    Mine loaded instantly too.

    The page looks very cool, how did you do it?
  17. xmakina

    xmakina New Member

    It's image heavy and considering all it says is "Under Construction" that's actually quite annoying. Something to consider is a lot of people use capped internet, that is they can only download 2GB of data a month. A page like yours is pretty damn annoying.

    Don't get my wrong, it looks great it's just when you're aware you've only got so much bandwidth a page of images to tell you "nothing here" is just a bad thing.

    Also - I'm a strong advocate against flash intro pages and flash in general. It's great when you have an animation/movie but in every other situation use JScript if you simply must have some animation or just avoid it altogether. It's most unnessecary gubbins that most people will "Skip Intro"
  18. shaunNO2007

    shaunNO2007 New Member

    Looks really nice i like it 5 stars

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  19. XtronG

    XtronG New Member

    Looks good,I can't understand it...but it looks good.
    Maybe you can make it a little bit more readable,like have more contrast between the words and the rest of the image,I don't know,just a suggestion.
  20. apcristo

    apcristo New Member

    Thanks fearghal, i appreciate it. Well ... How did i do it?.
    Ok, I made the picture with Pothoshop. using the Spherize filter for the planet. Lens flare for the shine. And a long dark brush to make the shadow of the planet. if you wnat you can add some star brushes to the background.
    If you want i can send you the PSD file. Send me a PM with your mail and i will send it.
    Now .. i used Shadowbox for the popup box. If you look in google you will find it quickly.

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