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  1. galaxyAbstractor

    galaxyAbstractor Community Advocate Community Support

    To make life simplier there are some new rules in the Marketplace.

    To make any thread, you need to mark it as an offer or request by setting a prefix.

    Currently, we use 2 prefixes, [REQ] for requests and [OFF] for offer.

    Additionally, you need to write in the title of your thread how many credits you want/offer. Example:

    [REQ][400 points]Webtemplate needed!
    [OFF][10 points]Put a link on my site!
    *these are example prices only!

    To clear up who is paying who: [REQ]: Author pays member, [OFF]: member pays author.

    Also, the following rules:
    • No adbux or any of that sort. Should be posted in the "earning money" section.
    • No referrals for cash, if it's not cash, then you may post it along with a non-referral link.
    • No advertising other hosting websites.
    • If there is an offer for a new site please do not post a new thread with your referral link (check before you post).
    • Rep is not allowed to be traded for services, it may only be given if a post is helpful.
    • Please do not hijacking users thread. By this I mean posting in other threads in the marketplace "Please come to my offer as it is basically the same as this". Or anything to that effect.
    • If a staff member closes your thread and you reopen it, you will get a warning.
    • Close threads that the request/offer is finished.
    • Rep clubs not allowed!

    Threads without prefixes will be closed from now on.

    Thank you,
  2. Daniel S

    Daniel S New Member

    I am going to close this thread to prevent spam.

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