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Discussion in 'Free Hosting' started by nick.uni, Jul 15, 2008.

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  1. nick.uni

    nick.uni New Member

    An Error Has Occured, although you've logged in successfully... same prob here.

    I noticed someone else also had this problem but one of the admins personally did something to fix it also i've been a member for bout 6-7 months now so its def. not a new registration problem as it was for another person.

    Could someone please have a look into my account and give me some feedback? Thanks.

    ps: I'm also unable to access my site ATM, last i remeber i was on stolil and as far as I can see it had been rebooted earlier but stolil is up and running now so really confused bout whats going on.

    Site: nick.x10hosting.com
    Account: nick.uni

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  2. Christopher

    Christopher Retired

    Re: An Error Has Occured, although you've logged in successfully... same prob here.

    It may have been because your account was suspended for inactivity.
    You need to login to the forums once every two weeks.
    I have unsuspened your account.
  3. deadABuser

    deadABuser New Member

    Russ Reply (x10 Server Technician)

    We know about this, its caused by cPanel. We're doing upgrades. Please be patient.
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  4. Christopher

    Christopher Retired

    Re: An Error Has Occurred...

    Ad-enhanced or ad-free?

    And how long ago was the last time you signed in?
  5. NGSFuse

    NGSFuse New Member

    Error creating my account?

    For some reason i got a email saying that there was a error making my account, and it said to recreate it so i tried that but when i tried it said i already have a account? Thanks for any help :)
  6. Christopher

    Christopher Retired

    Re: Error creating my account?

    Try now.
  7. -Genesis-

    -Genesis- New Member

    Problem signing up...

    I had a hosting account a couple of months ago, but i think it has been deleted due to inactivity. So, I've been trying to sign up a new hosting account, but the first two times i got an e-mail saying there was 'an unknown error' in my sign up e-mail. On the third attempt it said that the account name i asked for had allready been used...but it hasn't...help please!
  8. andrewsb

    andrewsb New Member

    Help Wit Cpanel

    I Cant Get To Cpanel Im Guessing Thats How You Edit Right? Well The Page Wont Load
  9. deadABuser

    deadABuser New Member

    Re: An Error Has Occurred...

    Ad enhanced.. and must have been quite a few weeks since last sign in
  10. Christopher

    Christopher Retired

    Re: An Error Has Occurred...

    It seems it has been terminated.
    This happens 10 days after your account was suspended without a unsuspension request.
  11. xenador

    xenador New Member

    An error has occurred

    I have been visiting this site at least once every two weeks...I recently encountered a problem with my phpBB3.0.2 upgrade and had yet to fix it due to server downtime and mantinance. Did my account get terminated because of this error? or what has happened.

    I am on/was on stoli
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  12. h3swat

    h3swat New Member

    Account Error

    im gettin this error when i log in

    An Error Has Occurred
    Although you've logged in successfully, there was an error retrieving your account's hosting type from the backend system.

    Please post on our forums to seek support on this issue.

    my account should not have been terminated i have been active plus i just got it a few days ago and have been here constantly
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  13. Salvatos

    Salvatos Member Prime Account

    An error has occurred to me too...

    I saw two similar threads about this from today.
    I am Salvatos on an ad-enhanced advanced plan as far as I remember. salvatos.x10hosting.com

    In another thread, someone asked to the original poster when was his last connection; mine was an hour ago. I first logged in and made a few changes without any problem. Then I tried going back to x10's main page and upgrading to a paid hosting plan, but I had a "IE cannot display this page" error every time I clicked on a plan. Then I wanted to go back to my cPanel and this error started appearing.

    Have I done something wrong by trying to buy a paid plan? Is this a temporary problem happening to everyone due to Corey's cleaning up of the server? I also wasn't able to login to the chat either via the web interface or my mIRC client...

    Thanks for your help.

    Edit: forgot mentioning I am on Stoli
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  14. bigrob77

    bigrob77 New Member

    Account error

    I don't have access to post in the other posts about this error, so I'll post it here....

    I get this error when trying to login into to my cPanel...

    Thank you for you help

  15. malfist

    malfist New Member

    Can't get account hosting type from backend

    It seems the server lost my server :(
  16. Bryon

    Bryon I Fix Things Staff Member

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  17. sclewin

    sclewin New Member

    404 Error


    I am getting a 404 error when I try to access my site even though I have a large amount of content there. When I logged in via FTP the public_html folder was missing and the www folder is not accessible.
  18. Arlene20

    Arlene20 New Member

    can't log into the C panel HELP!!!

    I can't log into the c panel it says error the username and or pass you have entered isn't correct. I have them correct yet it still won't log in! Can someone help me with this?

  19. Christopher

    Christopher Retired

  20. NGSFuse

    NGSFuse New Member

    Re: Error creating my account?

    Thanks alot problem fixed :D but now i have a new problem :(.

    The account specified is missing it's contact email address, this could be caused by one of two things: Either the account does not have a contact email address set, or our backend system has not updated yet. Updates to the backend occur every few hours.

    Please try again in a few minutes.

    Thanks again for any help!
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