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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Russ, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Russ

    Russ <b>Retired *****</b>

    Okay.. So, lets try this one again. This will be the biggest thread.
    The rules of the game are simple, No spam, one-liners, cussing, warez,
    anything illegal of any kind. And, nothing against any of the forum rules!!!!
    Keep it going, and don't drop the ball.

    Posts which have the above, will be deleted and the poster will get
    an infraction. Post about how lyfe is goin, what you're doing, weather,
    anything of importance, you can even debate. But, keep it G-Rated.

    If this one gets like the other one did, the same will happen.
    But, lets get this party started! Start posting, and lets make this
    one bigger than the last!
  2. Kansy

    Kansy Community Advocate Community Support Prime Account

    Well.... I'm here on my chair reading this and trying to avoid spamming here saying a nonsense sencence like I'm doing ^^

    Out of jokes.... This friday I'm going to dublin!! It's in Ireland ( I live in Spain)
    It will be my first travel by plane... I'm nervous :) And Happy
  3. Chris73

    Chris73 New Member

    Right now i am in the middle of multi-tasking issues as always. Playing tunes loud since no one is home. Loving life and Having fun. :)
  4. un4given-goth

    un4given-goth New Member

    my site is running into problems with mail forms again ¬¬ worked fine on other hosting so waiting to go onto higher. Exams next week. Javascript assignment and Networking assignement in next week. my computers looking nice but not perfect yet. sigh :D
  5. DefecTalisman

    DefecTalisman Community Advocate Community Support

    Well I am just waiting for the last customers to leave the shop, its now 23h00and I cant wait to get home.
    Zimbabwe is doing its thing by being as corupt and crooked as it can. They seem to have rigged the elections again. The power has cut a few times today throwing my security cameras off.
    The petrol price goes up by 10% in an hours time, roads where full of cars queing for petrol. This is the third time this year :eek:
    oh and posted this using IE (so unlike me).

    Also I wonder if Derek will post in this thread ?
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  6. Starshine

    Starshine Legend Killer

    Weather : Sunny, but cold. ( Spring is not yet here )
    What I am doing: Watching "Sister,Sister" and trying to figure out how to start a writing assignment for my class.

    Thinking: If this will turn out as horrible as the last "Biggest Thread"
  7. Smith6612

    Smith6612 I ate all of the x10Pizza Community Support

    Well it looks like this has become a staff topic right now, but all of those pages we have to go through. Glad to see the topic is back, but in all seriousness, we should try to keep this one open. I have one of these on my forum right now, that is only up to two pages, but I started that a month ago and the members haven't been on as much lately for some reason (and no, it's not school. They've all found time from school to make a post, but it must be because of the inactivity of the forum or the down time I've had back when x10 was doing all of that pesky server work from that MySQL disaster, which I'm sure we all remember.

    As for the weather here, it was a very good 58 degrees Farenheight this morning up in NY, USA, and spring only started here last week. It was great all day, even through a rain storm, though I think the warm front that came through is finishing up it's thing as temperatures are dropping very fast (going to be getting back in the 20's tonight) and the winds are picking up quickly as well. At least all of the snow is gone :)
  8. DefecTalisman

    DefecTalisman Community Advocate Community Support

    Well I am still waiting for the customers to leave....
    This nasty keyboard is so buggered it misses half the strokes.

    The weather is ok, just waiting for it a thunder storm to start again. There was lightening earlier, but no rain.

    Man I hate it when people just sit, yet they can see you are want them to go. Its like they have to show you whos boss, well bull!@#$, the customer is not always right.

    I am staring at a bottle of Johnnie Walker Green Label with content.
    Talking of which has anyone ever had Raphael beer from portugal? Its the best beer I have had to date. 4-6 months brewing, no added C02. Pure barley and no rubish.
  9. Starshine

    Starshine Legend Killer

    Never actually heard of it. Here in the US, it may be a special brew to have to find in only select areas, but does sound quite interesting. I'm pretty stuck on drinks like Parrot Bay.
  10. Smith6612

    Smith6612 I ate all of the x10Pizza Community Support

    I understand what you mean right there. People get so fed up when they can't see through their anger. I find that quite annoying to people who can't see the other side of things in arguments and try to determine it. We're supposed to be getting a thunderstorm later tonight, unless it already passed this afternoon. I guess I'll have to check the weather again, though I noticed that my DSL modem's margin dropped slightly on the downstream. I live next to where the feed comes from, and I am running a 7.1Mbps line on the download with 1.5Mbps of upload, on ADSL2+ with fastpath (latency improving technology). My margin is usually in the mid thirtys (maxed out I believe) at any time of the day, but right now my margin is at 28dB, still extremely good, but it usually only gets this low when there is electrical activity in the air messing with the telephone lines out here, and that usually means a thunderstorm is brewing, but oddly enough, I don't get why after the lightning has begun, the margin shoots back up to it's normal. It's quite odd.

    And your keyboard sounds like my laptop's keyboard. I have to press the Backspace key a lot, press down hard on some of the keys or press the keys repeatably. I'm getting a USB keyboard for it someday as the thing is over 9 years old (yes, I need a new one lol. I'll haul my 6 month old gaming computer around instead ^__^) and probably not worth getting the thing a new internal keyboard for me to crach the thing open and replace.
  11. DefecTalisman

    DefecTalisman Community Advocate Community Support

    @MMouse: Never hearf it :eek:
    Are you reffering to the spirit cooler or the coconut rum (googled it ;p)?
    I am a whisky drinker myself, preffere a good scotch, Irish is ok. Give me a nice smooth 12yr single malt and I am happy.

    Well those damn customers are still sitting, bill paid around 30mins ago. Turned the music off, turned the lights up and made the waiter go to the table every few mins to anoy them. Any suggestions (and nothing silly like sprinkle salt behind them) ?

    WOOPIE !!! They have gone. Maybe it was all the bad vibes I sent their way :)

    Ok, thats me folks. Going home to eat dinner with the lady and then off to bed.
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  12. Starshine

    Starshine Legend Killer

  13. callumacrae

    callumacrae not alex mac Community Support

    It's very cold in england :( It's raining.

    My forum just got 1000 posts :)
  14. LHVWB

    LHVWB New Member

    In Victoria, Australia we just our strongest winds in over a decade from the remainders of some cyclone, electricity went for a while, no computers for an hour. :(

    I just found yet another bug in my SMF mod and squashed it.
  15. DefecTalisman

    DefecTalisman Community Advocate Community Support

    Ok, I just found out that I am going to the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) in a week or so to setup operations for a casino. Been on the cards for while now, just had to wait for the situation there to calm down a little. We sent up a whole load of equipment, the biggest and most useless piece (a 2m x 3m hood and extractor) went missing :eek:

    Great, gonna have to order a box of mosquito spray.
    It should be fun, as long as I stay in the res and casino.
    Should be away for no more than 3 weeks (hopefully). I have been told the only connection to the net is a land line :( and not to sure if there is even an ISP there :( so dont expect to see me :( (or for some :)).

    On an up note I should make some good tom from it :) :) :)
  16. galaxyAbstractor

    galaxyAbstractor Community Advocate Community Support

    Why did we restart??? Did the other one get spam filled or what?
  17. oiwio

    oiwio New Member

    apparently so, but I dont know why they didnt just post the rules in the last one so that we could keep those 2,500 posts
  18. Zdroyd

    Zdroyd New Member

    Well Spring Break is coming!
    And the last day of Spring Break is my birthday! Yay!

    School is getting a little hard for me because of my multiple absences, and the fact that I am trying to get my game (for the YoyoGames Compation) finished ASAP, so my grades have drooped. (Not by much though.)

    The weather here in Michigan is getting worse, but supposably the weather is bad all over the country.

    But I have finally found a way to make my site with Dreamweaver! The final project for my Web Page class is to make a web site that talks about yourself, but I convinced the teacher to let me work on my Zweb instead! So I should have my site up and running soon!

    Anyone else anticipating Spring Break?
  19. DefecTalisman

    DefecTalisman Community Advocate Community Support

    Well seeing as its autumn here, not really.

    Its getting dark here at 18h00.
  20. c u l8r

    c u l8r New Member

    I'm in school right now. He he...

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