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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Alejandro, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Alejandro

    Alejandro Staff Staff Member Community Support

    Ok, we're working on having the user panel for you to upgrade and change your hosting information directly from the forums.

    We would like to know what else would you like to see there.

    For each idea we use, I'll award 250 points. Thanks!
  2. Chris Z

    Chris Z New Member

    maybe we could have a paypal donate button? to donate to x10hosting :D sorry, it might be a lame idea but i couldn't think of anything else..
  3. The_Magistrate

    The_Magistrate New Member

    I'm not sure if you still offer it, but I took advantage of paying to remove the ads. I think it would be a good idea to include this as an option as well since the plans are excellent, but some people might not want a full paid account.

    Also, if you need any help coding and/or testing. I would love to help out.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2006
  4. Alejandro

    Alejandro Staff Staff Member Community Support

    Pay to remove ads will be an option once x10Rewards is done.
  5. Dub_Dude

    Dub_Dude Member

    maybe an option to delete your own account, instead of buggin members of staff to do it you could do it yourself. I'll post back when/if i think of more.
  6. Spartan Erik

    Spartan Erik Retired

    That might not be a good idea.. what if you accidentally saved your forum PW to a public pc? They could remotely delete your account / steal it
  7. Dub_Dude

    Dub_Dude Member

    Good point, forget my idea!
  8. SEÑOR

    SEÑOR The Guy Everyone Hates

    Register a domain, Users can buy domains direct with x10hosting.
  9. Chris Z

    Chris Z New Member

    that would be interesting...buying a domain from x10hosting...i hope they'd be long-lasting and nice and cheap :D
  10. Alejandro

    Alejandro Staff Staff Member Community Support

    It's not that easy. You need to be autentified by ICANN.
  11. Chris Z

    Chris Z New Member

    ICANN? what is that the domain name police?

    edit-never mind lol i found it, just in case somebody else doesn't know what it is, it's the "Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers"
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  12. dark_cloud2007

    dark_cloud2007 New Member

    so.. its hard to get verified by them?
  13. DizzyTechnology

    DizzyTechnology New Member

    I suggest that x10Hosting provides cPanel integratrion within the user panel (or at least a login integration). I also suggest that the PM/Mail system be worked in for system and account news info (e.g. Server Move Info ;), Suspension Info, Account Upgrade Confirmation, etc...).

    Will this be integrated with the x10Hosting home site?

    Wee-Woo-Wee-Woo-Wee-Woo... It's the Domain Police!!!!!!
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  14. Alejandro

    Alejandro Staff Staff Member Community Support

    We could use the idea of PMing you when your accoutn gets suspended.
  15. The_Magistrate

    The_Magistrate New Member

    In regards to the idea about purchasing domains through x10... My domain registrar, has a pretty sweet deal on becoming a domain name reseller. I think as low as $6 per domain. It could be something to look into.
  16. Chirantha

    Chirantha New Member

    I think I have a good idea :p

    How about an option to upgrade their hosting plan?
    And how about an option to change users domain (sub domain change or domain change)
    And also check the number of visitors the site has had and possibly bandwidth :

    Welcome, Chirantha your site has had 2000 visitors this month using 565MB of Bandwidth (updated every 12 hours)

    It would be nice... insted of loging into Cpanel all the time..

    Also if its possible to have the forum e-mail you when the bandwidth or visits have exceded a amount given by the user :)
  17. Chris Z

    Chris Z New Member

    what might be even better than that is have them email when like 90% of your bandwidth or storage is used up, sorta like the windows tool tip tells you when you have only 10% storage left on your disk
  18. Alejandro

    Alejandro Staff Staff Member Community Support

    The Upgrade and Domain and Username change will be there, definitly. That was the main idea.

    The stats would be kind of hard to do since there are a lot. Try checking awstats.
  19. __z|x__

    __z|x__ New Member

    Could we have the ability to pay $$ and get points. So that those points can be used for buying other things here??

    I've seen this working sucessfully with
  20. Alejandro

    Alejandro Staff Staff Member Community Support

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