"Virtual Human Design?"

Discussion in 'Graphics & Webdesign' started by Rhianna, Mar 6, 2005.

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  1. Rhianna

    Rhianna New Member

    Has anyone ever tried to program/create in 3dMeNow, Poser (from CuriousLabs) or Microsoft Agent characters?
    Has anyone ever designed avatars/people?
    What software do you use?

    I was at the Strand Bookstore (famous discount/review copies/some used books type of bookstore --12th Street & B'Way in NYC) the other day & I couldn't resist half off the cover price of Virtual Humans by Peter Plantec. I confess I never grew out of dolls & the prospect of creating my own lovable dolly caught my imagination :biggrin:

    The cover of the book is somewhat misleading:
    because the software included in the CD-ROM was what I call scanty shareware and certain areas of instruction were explained in more detail than others. The 3dMeNow & Poser shareware would not allow me to save & keep anything. I couldn't create my own dolly :whatchuta
    Full version 3dMeNow & Poser are probably expensive programs too :confused_
    Does anyone know of a similar 3D (able to work with faces & hairstyles) "freeware" GNU program similar to 3dMeNow & Poser?

    Anyway, there is an accompanying website that is worth a look plus other related sites that are intriguing as well:




    I enjoyed fiddling around with creating a personality at:

    Scientific/medical approach to artificial intelligence:
  2. clement

    clement New Member

    i think you should try softwares like c4d, 3dsmax..these softwares are great 3d makers
  3. chingola

    chingola New Member

  4. farscapeone

    farscapeone Community Advocate Community Support

    She asked of "freeware" GNU program and you suggested the most expensive 3D modeling and animation tools on the market like 3dsMax. Not to mention she would have to learn how to use them lol!

    DAZ Studio should be perfect for this task.

    By the way 3DMeNow costs around $15.
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    Can someone lock this bloody topic already?

    Look at the post dates people - 03-06-2005 02:18 AM, then Yesterday 12:13 PM. Someone bumped this from being dead for 3 years 11 months.

    Edit: If I seem annoyed it's cause I know I reported this sometime yesterday already and it's still open >_<
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    Sorry my bad. I feel so stupid :(

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    Wasn't you who bumped it; I'm not even upset at the guy who did, it just needs a lock casue this stuff has all changed since 2005 :(
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