WHich is the best Antivirus

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by vibiz, May 5, 2008.

  1. vibiz

    vibiz New Member

    Which is the best antivirus ? without consuming huge system resources............. of the computer
  2. eagles051387

    eagles051387 New Member

    for me the best is avg. i also use avira and avast they both find stuff that the other 2 dont
  3. LHVWB

    LHVWB New Member

  4. Smith6612

    Smith6612 I ate all of the x10Pizza Community Support

    AVG. I have it installed on even my Vista computer (the gaming one) and it works nicely. Not a system hog at all, very quiet, but very good.
  5. tektrnica

    tektrnica New Member

    NOD32 :D mainly cause its light weight, simple and very powerful,

    used to use AVG, but stopped using it as its performance started to slip...
  6. Socius

    Socius New Member

    Avira and COMODO (firewall pro)
    both work fine, detected more then my previous Norton installation and they start up within 5 seconds ;)
  7. loopyloser

    loopyloser New Member

    AVG/Nod32 are great, I like the mcafee firewall but its VERY controling of your computer.
  8. alexandgruntz

    alexandgruntz New Member

    I use avast, it works great and automatically updates without nagging me or interrupting full-screen apps. It doesn't slow down my Vista PC either.
  9. TechAsh

    TechAsh Retired

    I've used both McAfee and ZoneAlarm, and both seem to be quite good. I'd say that McAfee consumes more system resources, but that ZoneAlarm has more annoying alerts. I've also noticed that ZoneAlarm has picked up a few things which McAfee didn't.

    I'd say that ZoneAlarm is probably my favourite out of these two. I haven't tried any other firewall/anti-virus/anti-spyware software, so I don't know if there is something better out there.
  10. terrysolid

    terrysolid New Member

    NOD32 for the win. Very thorough scanning and low resource usage. I would recommend version 2.7 over 3, as 3 is very new and has not yet had all the bugs ironed out.
  11. aionline

    aionline New Member

    I'm saying Avira cause it's what I'm using. Fast, efficient and effective. ;)
  12. mattura

    mattura Member

    AVG is good as a free antivirus, but often a little 'behind the times' with definitions. But it's free.
    Everyone (including me) hates Norton as it is very intrusive and practically takes over your computer.
    Comodo firewall is really good (and free and open source).
    Antispyware software that 'catches everything' often 'catches' harmless cookies and 'data-miners' which are actually nothing sinister. So if you compare these products by how much they find, you won't necessarily get the best software.
    Instead, just carefully manage your cookies (including flash cookies - go on, wikipedia 'local shared object'), and make sure you know your browser's security settings.
    And of course, never run executable files taken from dodgy sites!
  13. CoolFinalFan

    CoolFinalFan Member

    AVG 8.0 Free Ed. works great!
  14. digitalx

    digitalx New Member

    I used to use Eset nod32 but found that it was resource hungry
    I run a small w2k machine....

    I finally uninstalled ALL my anti virus' and in stalled spybot
    why you ask... cause ALL the new viruses the 1st thing they do is disable the anti virus engine ...DUH so I'm just careful about what I click on and scan any files I download using the site virustotal.com
    this is really a dope service and no it's not my site.....
  15. Ozzapoo

    Ozzapoo New Member

    Spybot is pretty good...
    I used to have pc-cillin but I just could not stand it. Because when I got a trojan, it just kept popping up so much that I could not do anything on my computer...
    Ad-aware is good too ;)
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  16. Zenax

    Zenax Active Member

    I have noticed that no-one has mentioned Symantecs Nortons Anti-Virus or Nortons 360. Thats what I have at home and it does the trick for me!
  17. Xemnas

    Xemnas New Member

    You really should consider using something other than Norton, because frankly it's crap. Get ZoneAlarm Security Suite, it gives you full control over how programs run, use the Internet etc. And it has antivirus/antispyware tools, hasn't failed me yet (and even on the rare occasions when it did, it was never anything Safe Mode and CleanUp! couldn't fix).
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  18. Mitch

    Mitch New Member

    I use AVG 8, it is good enough for me.
  19. digitalx

    digitalx New Member

    norton takes over your computer and is almost impossible to uninstall 100%

    anyway have can you combat against a virus that disables the antivirus engine...
  20. bookworm99

    bookworm99 New Member

    Personally, I use AVG Free on most computers, combined with Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE Personal, Spybot Search & Destroy, CCleaner 2.0+ and either COMODO Personal Firewall or PC Tools Firewall Plus. However, on my Macbook's Vista partition I recently got a free copy of AVG Internet Security 8.0 via TrialPay, which encompasses pretty much encompasses all my needs - I do keep Ad-aware/spybot just in case, though.

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