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    I created a x10Hosting FREE account mostly to distribute digital content (via FTP) to my clients.

    But I have some questions:
    1- How much data can I store in the FTP?

    2- How many FTP accounts can I create (to accomodate different client's data)?

    Thank you
  2. Anna

    Anna I am just me Staff Member

    1. There no space limit, except an initial limit (1gb or 500 mb depending on if you are in a high risk country or not) that you can get lifted by request once your account is at least one week old and closing in on using up the current space (you would need to be using at least half of it to be eligible for the limit being removed). Do note that at that point your account will be reviewed as to whether it is following ToS or not. We do not allow file hosting, all files must be related to a working site.

    2. You can create 3 ftp accounts with free hosting. Please do note that ToS does prohibit giving away hosting to a third party.
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  3. ftp123

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    Thank you Anna.

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