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Some of you are probably familiar with discord, a chat server often used by gamers. It is free to use, but you do need an account with discord to use the service.

We have set up a discord server for x10hosting, to some level it will be used for support, but there will not be staff available 24/7. Please note that free hosting support does not come with a guaranteed response time, we try to be around as much as possible though.

A few simple rules:
  • Keep it polite.
  • Do not send a private message to staff unless asked to.
  • If you want support, state the issue clearly and wait for staff to reply. You may be asked some details to ensure the account you ask about is yours, especially if you need help changing account details.
  • Main support is still going to be these forums so if no one is there to answer please do start your own thread here.
To get to our discord server just use the following invite link: https://discord.gg/Ab9eGwsxh2
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