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    Cant access my site

    Check out this page for information/help/instructions
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    Access denied for user 'marsx10m_papa10'@''

    Can you give a better description of the problem you're having? As far as I can tell it looks like your mySQL credentials are wrong so try changing those to see if something works. I could be very wrong though so if you can provide more information and possibly some example code that would help
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    not able to back up my sql databases

    Just go into phpMyAdmin, select the database you want, click on 'Export', pick your options and click 'Go'. Should do the trick nicely for you
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    My Website is Showing Default Website Page

    Did you flush/clear your DNS and browser caches?
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    Always redirected to Default webpage
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    need help on pointing my domain to free x10hosting?
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    MySQL® server is offline.

    Which server are you on? If you are on Starka or Boru, the admins are aware of the problems and are working on it.
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    My Ads

    What's your website?
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    Hello, Is Boru Still Under Maintenance ?

    I'm sure the admins are aware of the problems Boru's having. Hopefully it'll get fixed soon.
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    Newbie seeking design advice

    I would advise using some sort of database. It will probably require a bit more work on your behalf but if it's well designed and written it should scale well and be easier to maintain in the long run.
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    Using PHP to create custom zip files for site visitors

    Yes, it does have to be 'GET' not 'get'. PHP is a case-sensitive language.
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    File get contents php - - need help

    Also, $_post['urltoedit'] should be $_POST['urltoedit']; PHP is case-sensitive about these sorts of things
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    File get contents php - - need help

    Are you trying to create a script that can edit non-existent files? If so, that might be why your file_get_contents() is failing. If you're trying to edit an existing file, try typing an absolute path. Maybe that will work.
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    How to set a predetermined value into an HTML select element via PHP

    That should work. I've used code like that before.