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    Adding an SRV record

    Make sure you are using x3 , not "basic" view of cPanel If you still don't have that option, post which server you are on so the Admins can look into it.
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    Adding an SRV record

    cPanel . Domains panel . . Advanced DNS Zone Editor Icon . . . Add A Record . . . . Type == SRV
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    “” is already owned by another user.

    Is this as an add-on/parked domain in addition to your main domain? The system used to let you do that, but it apparently no longer does.
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    MX Records Not Working URGENT!

    If you are adding it with priority 10, the system will use the entry with priority 0.
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    cannot delete folder/file

    Use cPanel's File Manager (or Filezilla etc) to change the permissions on the folder and all its files to 0777 and then you should be able to delete them.
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    Parked Domain issue

    But it looks like you have a 301 redirect to your x10host main domain so that the address bar doesn't reflect your paid domain name.
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    Problem with Path and loading image and docs

    Your CSS makes the browser request the image from /img/big_country.jpg It is stored in /my_portfolio/img/big_country.jpg a. Fix the path to /my_portfolio/img/big_country.jpg b. Clear your browser cache. And again c. Try loading the page. Between a browser's cache and the Varnish cache, you...
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    Image and JavaScript not working Properly

    Another suggestion: Do not use spaces (or special characters other than _ - or . ) in file or directory names.
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    Warning: mysqli_connect(): (28000/1045): Access denied

    The database name should be of the form jerome1g_SOMETHING
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    What is a 'robot' in the 'Members Online Now' section?

    Apparently a "visitor" who the forum software has decided is a "bot", ie an automated web crawler for Google, Bing, Baidu or some other search engine.
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    Parked Domain keeps redirecting to Free .x10host domain

    The redirect is due to a 302 HTTP code. That is usually the fault of the .htaccess file. In fact, the links on his site point to onlineenglishcamp com, indicating that his WordPress settings are not the culprit.
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    The correct absolute path for PHP include from another directory?

    $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . "/other/my_php_file.php" will give you the string "/home/sperko/public_html/other/my_php_file.php" on your x10 account. Not 100% sure if it will work on XAMPP
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    Hosting Account

    If you are asking: I have one free x10hosting account When I signed up, I had as my main domain. Now I want to add as an add-on domain to my one and only free x10hosting account. Can I use a second x10 domain on my account? Then, the answer is yes (at...
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    .htaccess not showing - can't create file it already exists

    cPanel (basic) first screen Bottom of right panel Click on Reset All Interface Settings Now click on "File Manager" On popup, check "Show Hidden Files (dotfiles)" I also check "Skip this question..." box .htaccess files should be visible.
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    Website not showing theme and all links broken

    From another thread: