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    why ?your hosting account is suspended

    Please help me ??:tear: "your hosting account is suspended" :tear:
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    please,not do that !!1

    I can not !!:ohnoes::ohnoes::tear::tear::tear::tear::tear::tear::tear::tear: not do that !!! I am very poor !! your hosting account is suspended :tear::tear::tear::tear::tear::tear::tear::tear::tear::tear::tear:
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    Secure FTP

    hi , click here
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    .CO.CC website

    Put your code in /usr/local/apache/htdocs/index.html. That will do the trick !!
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    Backup Database Error

    hi,:dunno::dunno::dunno: When I run the Backup Database Utility on my shopping cart with lots of data I recieve the following error: Error 500 - Internal server error An internal server error has occured! Please try again later. The backup partially completes. This happens when SQL tables are...
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    how to fix this "Display Errors is ON"

    :dunno:Hi ! when I install joomla v1.5 in x10 hosting free the proplem i have its in page "Pre-installation Check" when i install joomla 1.5 in the Recommended Settings joomla tell me its recommend this setting for "Display Errors :OFF:" but in my istallation is "ON" plz tell my how to fix this...
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    Custom 404.php?

    thanks :dunno::dunno:
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    Internal Server Error 500

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    Build RSS Channel

    ok thanks for all
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    Suspended Account

    thanks mod
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    Premium Hosting

    ok only 500 m !!
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    1000 Points for Logo (Vector)

    thanks all
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    Forum Account

    thanks admin very much :thefinger
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    Problem display PHP

    thanks all i 'm
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    please help installing my own cms

    good luck!!