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  • Not much( other than getting suspended for shell scripts:( ) and you dog ? See you really aren't admin anymore :(
    Well word is you are an admin once again duno if this is true but if it is welcome back :)
    who wouldn't
    they're probably one of the most beautiful cars ever made
    the newest is insane, with all the tech in it
    but they're wayy out of my price range =(
    i once had a mate who owned an R34
    but he moved away long before i understood what tht car meant
    dude, i just have to ask, and please asnwer truthfully
    do you own that GTR in your avatar, or is that just some random pic you made/found
    Could you change this user dienden (forum account) to the Registered group please? Corey said he fixed the email sign up problem but this user registered before that so didn't get the email. Will they get it now that the problem has been fixed or does it need doing manually? Cheers :)
    Hey Brandon. If you never come out of that realm you live in, I wanna say goodbye. Never knew that you quit until a few days ago. Heard the situation and will not get into details here. If you ever need some graphics, call me up on or on MSN. You've got my email. Good luck.
    i heard corey said he is black listed and demoted from admin because of some complain...

    but anyway you deserve it...

    Anyway Happy new year
    Incase if I never get to talk to you again here's my goodbye message: Thanks Brandon, you are always a good person especially on IRC. You and christopher gave me a good staff initation when you kept kicking banning and whatevering me on IRC, and yeah. You always helped keep me in line, but I guess this one time you weren't their to warn me. I want to thank you for all the support and care you gave to my job as an AM. Your a good person, and I'm glad your a friend.
    I finally left x10... I guess it was because of all the other staff members leaving, especially you and ScottD... I don't feel good about what I did, but do I look like an idiot now?
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