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    How is mine

    I took a look at this company. I could't find any useful information about the requirement of age, payment limit, ect. I only know it's a survey program. Can you give some more information or the quote page? I 'll add to my site then.
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    Link exchange

    Your site is quite different from mine. I prefer some about online business. thanks anyway.
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    Exchange Traffic for lots of visitors with High End Traffic Site

    I didn't see any exchange links on your site. Where are you gonna put my links?
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    Does anyone know how to earn online?

    Freelancing is a good advice, but you need at least a kind of skill to do that. Surveys always have a high payment limit. You can try DollarSurveys, they pay weekly. If you want to earn some quick money online. I suggest you to do offers. You'll get money fast. Right now, the hot topic is Ciao -...
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    How is mine

    Thank you for your advice, dyreplus. I found it too hard to just use html to build. I have transferred to wordpress. Since you are professional at the page design. Can you tell me if it's not good to have a red top for my site. I've been searching for a good theme for a long time. It's...
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    How is mine

    Hi friends, I just built my site. Much needed to improve, I guess. So any advice is appreciated.
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    Earning money by searching with Google, Yahoo, & MSN

    I have a bunch of this kind of Paid to Search sites. I personally like SwagBucks. It pays $5 amazon gift card for only 45 points.
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    It sucks really. I transfer $1 to by 3 referrals worth $0.75. The three refs earned only $0.6 for me and my $0.25 was stuck. I lost $0.4 for buying refs.
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    Different Types of Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is popular, but only the top affiliate can earn real money. I'm learning this right now.
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    Am I Allowed to Post This Here?

    Good for you. :)
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    internal server error

    I have the same problem on my site. I lasted for a day.
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    microsoft giving free domain name

    It used to be free. But you can only keep it for one year, and more than $10 after that. Why not buy a domain? I got one .com domain for free when shopping at, bought another one at godaddy for $1.2. That's not too much.
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    My Ads & Offer: FREE FREE FREE

    This sounds pretty good.