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    Can anyone help me with XBL trial code?

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone could please PM me a xbox live trial code? :wink: I feel like shooting things and for some reason I am only a silver member now. I never got a notification of when my account was going to end (checked my email and nothing either)... I am craving to play modern...
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    Service Temporarily Unavailable

    I had this issue but I *think* my site is working now.... I noticed it seemed to be loading quicker too. EDIT: It was working good for about 2 minutes but its back to the error.
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    X10 is the best!

    X10 is the best and always have been. They have had their moments but still can't really complain although it is frustrating. BTW, if you want to practice php get wamp or xampp and do it locally.
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    Php database help! :)

    sorry, that is outdated.... I'd suggest to look for something else.
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    Back up

    Or while your logged in go to Then click Home Directory under "Download a Home Directory Backup" and if you need to download database just click which one you'd like to download. They removed the full backups but that still works :lockd:
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    Constructive criticism and suggestions please

    Oh, I am not saying remove all the ads. Just some hurt the layout more than others. Also, the position can be key. Good luck.
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    Best CMS for a gaming site?

    Don't forget security. just because you'd rather not use an advanced CMS I wouldn't use a vulnerable one. You could always check comments on Granted they aren't always correct or valid but gives you an idea on what people think about it.
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    Constructive criticism and suggestions please

    Looks good, a bit to much white for me on the bottom section... Another thing, the ads, there's a bit much isn't there? In my opinion the top ad banner itself kills the layout.
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    Best CMS for a gaming site?

    Joomla and Drupal are the two best CMS's. If your looking for an easy cms to customize and build upon go with php-fusion. As I said, Joomla and Drupal are the BEST but not the easiest to build upon/learn. BTW igaming cms is dead.
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    What CMS do you suggest?

    Drupal in my experience doesn't work well on X10hosting (Atleast with free hosting). You end up using to much resources when adding just a few extensions. Drupal and Joomla are both very nice CMS's and would recommend either of them to anyone. Just a tip, DON'T TRY EXPANDING A CMS WITH ADD-ONS...
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    x10hosting slow?

    Dude, find something to do. You posted in this topic yesterday, there's no issue here so stop trying to patrol the forums.
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    x10hosting slow?

    They have seemed to fix the issue with stoli, nice work. EDIT: Could have spoken too soon. I know they will get it worked out. Mysql is not working correct
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    x10hosting slow?

    Yeah, stoli is still not working correctly. Either it's really taking that long or it's just not loading...
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    multiplayer notepad

    It is wonderful, too bad so many people have to spoil such a good thing.
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    It actually looks really nice. I am not sure if you paid for it or made it but it's nice. Your canvas printing link was dead for whatever reason. Very nice site.