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    How do i delete my hosting acount

    Account Deletion Request - Please delete my free hosting account. cPanel username:divebudd ( x ) Inserting an X inside the parentheses signifies that I have made all necessary backups of my free hosting account and will not hold x10Hosting responsible for any data I am unable to recover after...
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    How do i delete my hosting acount

    I would like to delete my hosting acount please
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    when someone is banned?

    so how long does tempory bans last ? again sorry for the silly questions im just passing the time of day whilst the servers get up and running again
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    when someone is banned?

    ive noticed that a few members seem to have a strike through on there name on the forum ? why do people get banned and is it a permanant ban or is it like a temporary ban based on something they have done ? sorry if it seems a silly question i was just wondering
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    Database lost!

    did you follow the updates page a week or so back asking everyone to make back ups before the lotus cossacks switch over to fris? hope you get it sorted friend if you have lost all your data?
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    lotus ? is it having problems again?

    still having problems i see! i mannaged to log in earlier for a few minutes now its gone again ! do we have any more news on an estimated finish to all this upevil?
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    site down again ! help please?

    i know over the last few days there has been work being done on lotus and wondered at what stage we are at with the server? my friend has a site on lotus and his is up and running but mine isnt ? could admin have a look and give me advice if possible? best wishes divebuddha...
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    how do i back up my web site data

    all my data from the site was fine all done in 2 minutes? now back to the question guys have we got any clue when i will be seeing the site back online so i can do some admin to the site ? its now been a couple of days here in the uk without getting anything from the site itself?
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    lotus outages ?

    anna thanks for the progress report hopefully issues will be sorted soon and can only guess how hard your finding sorting out the problems please keep us up to speed when things are looking something like normal so i can go back to doing some admin stuff on the web site
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    wheres the web disk button gone in cpanel?

    cheers mate i just liked the ability to link into web disk as i like the layout and ease of navigation ? o well i will have a look into it ! cheers for the very quick response my friend
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    wheres the web disk button gone in cpanel?

    ok ive just been onto my c panel page and realised that the button to create a web disc shortcut on my desctop is no more ? have they moved it somewhere or am i totaly blind? can someone prod me in the right direction please
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    x10Hosting Unlimited Space n Bandwith

    if it is true then how come the bandwidth meter and storage counter is still in place on the screen that you use to log into cpanel? am i missing something?
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    adding another web site to my acount BUT HOW?

    and by doing this will it allow me to use the sitebuilder software that we use here at x10? and the new directory within the main public_html could be something like scouting or something like that ?
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    adding another web site to my acount BUT HOW?

    Ok i thought i would post this question into the forums as i usualy get some great feedback from you all! ok my question is im looking at setting up another website for my daughters scout group but wondered how to do i ! just basic things like trip reports and photos from trips and stuff...
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    Help with robots.txt!

    yes went through 6that process last night and was very supprised how easy it was to get the info i needed ive just got to create the robot.txt file now then i will see what it brings the site has been indexed as its a strange name i.e dive buddha