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  • Congratulations: You won a prize from the Raffle! Check your forum credits transaction log :) [Link]
    Well, you're ahead of me again now.

    Who told you that it was OK to fit nitro boosters to your keyboard?! I demand a visit from the Safety Dept.!!
    Thanks for noticing!

    I'm honoured to follow in your footsteps - just don't make your strides too big! ;)
    Drips come from many sources - some of them quite welcome!
    Hi, i am having so much trouble with and i tried going and tried even modifying web.config, but nothing works! my website is:

    and it has an error.

    i think you mentioned in one of your posts that you had created a simple "Hello World" application that worked... Is it possible if you could send me the files... I just want to get soemthing with that actually works...

    I can send you the script I have to process in the cronjob. It may be a bit confusing, since everything's interlinked in an include-file, but I can try my best to explain what does what
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