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    Vending Machine (Game)

    You get some gibberish on a piece of paper. I insert 1514 posts.
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    Vending Machine (Game)

    You get May 33rd. I insert a Time Paradox.
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    If you see a 'Fitbit' site instead of yours...

    I am also experiencing the fitbit problem. Thank you. Have had this issue for around 2 weeks now and it's alternating. Some days we have it and others we don't. Just found this thread. My website is
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    McCAIN Vs. Obama I don't entirely blame Bush for the economy either. I blame the republicans for over-deregulation and terrible economic ideas, and the democrats for doing pretty much nothing until now. Bush DOES have a bad history...
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    Yahoo Answers is only more reliable when you ask specific questions in the right categories. For example: (this is not the original, but the one on WikiAnswers only copies they original Yahoo Answers one as a joke).
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    McCAIN Vs. Obama

    McCain will tax healthcare. That is a much bigger deal to me than a tax on gas. If you think Obama is going to spend a lot, then take a second look at McCain. Economic analysts predict that McCain's plan will cause a debt more than 25x that of Obama's plan. Remember, Congress can't do anything...
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    McCAIN Vs. Obama

    Religion should not be a factor in a presidential election. What about Palin's Church where they speak in tongues, and how she claims that her acts and the Iraq war are 'God's plan'?
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    McCAIN Vs. Obama

    Obama. I originally didn't mind if either of them won, but with Palin on the ticket, Obama is the more logical choice.
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    "We will never forget"

    I live in NYC (Bronx), and I was in 5th grade when it happened (I happened to be sick at home on that day). I remember everything vividly.
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    What would you rather have

    I would prefer the PS3, since I'm a PC gamer and the only game I might get on a console is GT5. I would get it mainly because I have a PSP, because of it's platform and hardware features and support, and because I have a nice TV that could use the Blu-ray upgrade.
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    How can i make SWF not downlodable.

    They can still download it. The only way I can think of is having one SWF as a shell that loads another one without disclosing the URL.
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    What's good about this?

    It's a very effective coolant. 360 owners should run their 360's from a tub of mineral oil :laugh:
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    please explain..

    If be the CELL you mean a cell, then it didn't have nostrils at all. If it required Oxygen, it would be by diffusion through some sort of cell membrane.
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    Post your first computer

    The first computers owned by my family were a Gateway tower and a Compaq desktop, both running Windows 3.1 (I don't remember the specs of either). I owned an IBM ThinkPad laptop running Windows 95 that had a slow Pentium MMX processor, a CD-ROM drive, 64MB of RAM and a 3.5" floppy drive (no...
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    What Antivirus do you prefere??

    I'm glad that your experience with McAfee wasn't like mine. I had to reformat 2 computers because of it. I beta-tested ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite and Norton 360, and was both surprised and pleased. Are there any particular reasons why you hate AVG? Have you tried the latest version? Also...