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  • Hi gsonline, i have been suspended in error,

    i am passing the information below on to you as i am having difficulties with my account my

    suspension reason code is SPND_RUSAGE3

    tonight at 9:51pm GMT my acount was suspended i was totally amazed as i have been recieving

    an intermitant service for the last two weeks and tonight only uploaded one very small php

    file then i logged into my control panel and got the following response.
    You have been suspended for high system resource usage. Accounts are suspended for usage
    when they are detected to have consistently high cpu usage, memory usage, and process

    amounts. This is an automatic suspension, and the third warning. To resolve this suspension,

    open a support ticket

    i clicked on
    Open a Support Ticket to Discuss Issue
    then got
    Open a Support Thread
    which again i clicked on only to get
    Sorry! This forum is not accepting new posts.
    i've done nothing wrong so why am i being punished and embarressed to my fan base? Thanks
    hi gsonline, thank you very much! you're a don ! i followed your advice and im back in action so i wanted to thank you and let you know that it was very patient of you to walk me through im most grateful big up!
    hi gsonline im struggling i 've tried changing class_datsbase to localhost but im not sure on which line as its using methods and im still getting the same results just thought i would let you know - i will use the forums but i hope you will see my posts your help is very much aprieciated
    o_o thanks for the free hosting ..

    but after the transferring , i found the database was rolled back to several days ago.

    my domain is air.x10hosting.com

    the data these days is really important , i know this may be annoyed ,

    is there any way to take the data back?
    Thanks gsonline! what do i need to find to make the change to localhost? is it in myphpadmin?
    thank you very much you're a don Antonio
    hi gsonline
    when i try to log into my admin for my site i get the following;

    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'mysql-lotus.x10hosting.com' (4) in /home/trillion/public_html/socialnetwork/include/class_database.php on line 183

    Warning: mysql_error(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home/trillion/public_html/socialnetwork/include/class_database.php on line 548

    could you tell me what this means? thanks Antonio
    hi gsonline,

    thank you for your swift response, im unsure of how much time to allow should i wait hours or days? i also see what you see when i shorten the address please look at the full address http://www.trillionaire.x10hosting.com/socialnetwork/ as before the whole site was working but now its a blank screen.

    could you tell me if this is just a DNS problem or is the mysql effected as well? thank you very much . Antonio
    Hi gs online,
    I am new in this forum, i heard lot abt X10 from my friends. I saw people wit diff posts such as Community advocate,x10sophore etc... does earning credits make a post in x10. Pls reply....
    Hi you said that you could help me with a whitespace problem. Would you be able to give me a hand and if you get it to work could you tell me how. And i give you loads of points.
    Thanks gsonline,
    What I did with my site was mine and the hosting companies business, I think it is quite rude to say why an account has been suspended over a post. I knew what i did wrong, I specified that I knew, that was to avoid someone saying something, but apparently not everyone knows what that means. Just something for future reference, not everyone is for having their suspension reasons said in a post. Thank you, have a wonderful day.
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