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    Closing Forum Account

    I got a new web hosting account, since my old account was suspended and removed for inactivity. Can I use the forum account tied with that account, and leave this one to "die"?
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    Closing Forum Account

    I'd like to close my forum account, but I cannot find the account deletion section in my account. Could anyone please help, or is it physically impossible? Thank you, I greatly appreciate any advice given about this.
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    Error 503 Backend fetch failed

    I am experiencing this error on / I was installing roundcube at
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    Oxwall Cron Job

    wget -q -O /dev/null Will it work? Because Oxwall wants me to make one per minute and when I make one for per 5 minutes with that command modifying the domain, it will not work. It still says to create a cron job in admin panel. Also, the local cron asks...
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    Oxwall Cron Job

    Hi. I got a new site at for just hanging out. Although, I do want to know, I installed Oxwall and it is telling me to execute "ox_cron/run.php" every minute. Just reading the terms of service, I quickly realized that is against the TOS as quoted here "Your jobs cannot load external...
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    Space Upgrade for reregistered accounts

    Ok. Thank you. I have requested a deletion and will come back when I get more free time. Thank you for offering such awesome free hosting!
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    Space Upgrade for reregistered accounts

    Hello. I requested my account to be closed because I didn't have enough time to monitor the website, but when I open an account again, and Igo over half of the space limit again, can I get a space upgrade again? (I don't want one now, but I'm asking for the future?)
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    Does x10 still offer the prime membership?

    @motechx2 Yes, x10Hosting does offer prime membership that removes the inactivity limit, but you must register for the Free Membership first, and from there, pay and upgrade it to prime membership.
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    Another website hosted on the same x10Hosting Account

    So could I host more than 3 websites on one x10 Account? Or is 3 the restriction?
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    Another website hosted on the same x10Hosting Account

    And just so you know, I am planning to do a Harry Potter forum that is completely unrelated to TechTime Forums.
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    Supported languages and translations - a quick question

    @essellar Meaning that if I wrote something in Japanese or Chinese and I wrote everything in English below the Japanese or Chinese, that would be acceptable? So the line about languages in the TOS basically means you MUST have AT LEAST those languages on your website?
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    Please, review my website!

    You have a very cool and professional website that I believe is related to Tech Services. One thing that I personally think would make the site a bit more usable would be to take the site and translate it to English and putting the translation into another folder in your public_html such as...
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    Another website hosted on the same x10Hosting Account

    Hello. I read the TOS of x10Hosting and there was one part of the TOS that was about not hosting anything that was not strictly related to the website and after I read that, I was confused. Could I host another website that was NOT related to the main website with an addon domain? I would...
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    Facebook deems X10Hosting Community links unsafe

    If you look closely, that is, not one of the subdomains. How would the actual website get blocked?
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    Cpanel Error

    Just type in into the address bar