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    Log in history is incorrect or you can click the link at the top of any page or here on the forums.
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    Can I get a backup of my account?

    Backups are your responsibility. The terms also state your free account must be an actual website not for polls gallories etc. That doesnt mean you cant have them on your site but they cant be your main purpose for the account.
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    My IP is Blocked

    SSH is not available on free accounts. This is likely why you got banned.
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    Request: Disc space upgrade

    I dont mean to bump this but any updates?
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    Free Disk Upgrade Request

    Upgrade to x10premium.
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    Hi, on my free hosting account, I can't unsuspend my account

    I dont know Spanish well but the best I can gather you have not logged in for at least 30 days via If this is the case your hosting may have been terminated.
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    How to set up custom records for email forwarding at NS2.X10HOSTING.COM

    In the control panel you can type DNS Management in the search box to add custom dns settings.
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    SSL for my website

    If you are on the free service login to the control panel and type SSL in the search bar. Then click on SSL Certificates.
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    Account Delete!

    You will need to provide your domain for them to assist you.
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    free account ssl panel

    In Direct Admin go to Domain Management > Modify Domain then click the Secure SSL check box.
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    I want to know the information of FTP data in the free hosting to be used in the FileZila program

    FTP login is the same as the control panel. If you dont know your password login to click on Services then Change Password. Note that this will change your password for the cp as well.
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    SSL not enabled

    In Direct Admin go to Domain Management > Modify Domain then click the Secure SSL check box.
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    Php Mail() not working

    If you are sending that many emails use SMTP instead also be careful with sending mass emails your account may get flagged for abuse. The limits are in place for security.
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    Can't reset my password

    If it has been over 30 days since you logged in your account would be suspended. Then it gets deleted after the suspension period is over. As far as getting an email I am seeing that issue as well.
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    Request: Disc space upgrade

    May I have a disc space upgrade please? the low space is preventing me from updating to the latest version of my cms. Thank you