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    Corporate Ad help on my new site

    Hello. Can someone help me get the corporate ad up on my new site, I tried adding the code in the header portion but then the menu messed up. Also if someone could help me put it up in the forums section too, I would be very thankful.
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    My first Abstract pic

    Hey guys. This is my first pic I made on bryce. What do you think?
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    psp vs. ds

    This kind of thread my have already been created it, but I couldn't find it here so I decided to make one. Which portable do you guys think is better? psp or ds? Personally I think ds is much better because it has better games and much longer batter life. Graphics isn't everything!
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    Suspended Account

    Hello, i've noticed that my account is suspended. I went to go check why and it was because of the ads. Well i've posted for help on getting the ads up multiple times but no one was able to help. So can someone please unsuspend my account and i will change my site to something on which the ads...
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    Corporate ad

    Hello I need help putting the corporate ad onto my website, My website is using the e107 script and i dont know how to put it on that, i've asked around a lot but no one seems to be able to help me. Please reply if you can help. Thanks
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    Account Suspended

    Okay when I go to it says that my account is suspended. Why? I had nothing illegal on it or anything that violated the TOS.
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    html coding help

    I have this little quicktime player on my site...and it keeps putting it in the center of the do i make this player not show up or put it at the very bottom of the page? This is the code <table width="320" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><tr align="center"><td><a...
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    I'm sorry guys I've been gone for a while and I haven't had time to come here for a long time...but now I'm back and the thing is i forgot my cpanel do i figure this out? plz help thanks Edit: Never mind an account manager helped me fix it. Thanks
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    graphics software

    I was just wondering what softwares you people used for graphic animation..currently i am using Lightwave 8, which is a reall good software
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    hello im using a software called e107 but i am not able to get the ads up. Can someone help that knows how to do this on this software?
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    iv noticed that ppl have a certain amount of points..what can we do with these?
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    Anyone here watch cricket? Its a sport played is a great sport..once my site is approved you can go to and you can download some cool videos
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    Does anyone here have a the new psp (playstation portable) im getting it this summer..its really cool and the graphics are good
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    graphic animation

    Does anyone here do graphic animation. If so which software do you use..right now i am using a software called lightwave 8.
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    Something edited on photoshop

    you guys like this? My cousin drew this and i edited it with photoshop. what do you guys think?