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    Nice URL?

    Try I don't think it expires
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    Selling Vista ultimate key(50 000 cred)

    FR: Je parle français:p NL: haha nee ik ben vlaams, nee ik woon in de Provincie Antwerpen
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    Selling Vista ultimate key(50 000 cred)

    It would be a legit version of vista ultimate. but nevermind I already sold them. Were is the trust in people..
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    Selling Vista ultimate key(50 000 cred)

    As I said it's just a key no cd. You can download vista from many places. but the key is 100% working.
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    Selling Vista ultimate key(50 000 cred)

    Hi I'm selling a legal Vista ultimate key it's 100% genuine validated and never used before. It will cost 50 000 credits on the forum or $50 through paypal. Vista ultimate costs $319.95 and upgrade is $219.95. It's very cheap but I asure you it's no rip off! I'm an old member and trustable...
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    FrontPage Forms - "Nortbots"

    I wish I could help but I'm not familiar with frontpage and will never use it again. To have a form emailed to you, you need php or asp(x10hosting only provides php). Of course you can make it send with an installed email client but than the program has to be configured on the client's computer.
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    Disabled HTML Form and Javascript

    this should work[name].attribute [name] can only be the value of the attribute name, not id or class. if you want to use id or class use a getElementbyID function or getElementsByClassName function radio_checker() { if (document.getElementById("3").checked == true) {...
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    Need help with login...

    hehe that was what I meant but you put it in code.
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    Need help with login...

    Not sure if it will work but why not try this. make a form with a textbox field(name=user) another one with name = pass and the action of the form point it to
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    Update Multiple (checked) records

    if i'm not mistaking and you just give every checkbox a name like whatever[] it will become an array and give the value the primary key and you will be able to update them easely. I think you get what I mean.
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    Question about design

    that's something I wanted to hear:) thank you any more?
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    Question about design

    Next time please create your own topic. Back to the topic please :)
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    what is a iframe

    well it's handy if you don't know ajax and want to do something similar but else it sucks.
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    JS: referring page?

    I'm not sure what you mean but you can refer to a page in js with window.location = "URL"
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    Question about design

    no, I've made the graphics myself, based on the website and I'll code it myself from scratch of course.