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    I have made a few tutorials, check out my posts!

    I have made a few tutorials, check out my posts!
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    Goggle & Yahoo Search

    Read my post 'Get indexed in Google, Yahoo and Windows Live'. You'll find all the info you need. Also, meta tags are important but if you have text on your page, it will take the place of the description tag.
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    Get indexed in Google, Yahoo and Windows Live

    Fed up with having to wait 2+ months to get your site indexed? How does 1 WEEK sound? If you answered yes then read on, if you answered no, read on because you might change your mind. Overview: Most people want to get people to their site. A free way to do this is to get indexed in search...
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    I have sent you a PM regarding Joomla. Can you please help me?

    I have sent you a PM regarding Joomla. Can you please help me?
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    Ads For Webmasters?

    OK, thanks for your help so far. I'll try the BidVertiser thing as well as the AdBite.
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    Ads For Webmasters?

    I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good program like AdSense that allows you to be paid via Paypal. I was just wondering as Adsense doesn't accept PayPal. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.:cool:
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    Nvu or Dreamweaver?

    I personally prefer Dreamweaver as it actually gives you SSI support as well as PHP and other scripts. I have used NVU and found it very limiting as it had many bugs and I wasn't used to it. As for the Frontpage, I have used it and Microsoft's new HTML program (it's just like Frontpage)...
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    Easyest way of earning money ever!

    I agree! Great idea. BTW I signed up through your referral link so you should be getting some of my earnings. Because of that, if anyone signs up through me, you still get some money too. To help me and the person who started this thread, you can use my link below...
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    Can you take a look at my future template

    Hey, nice template. Maybe you could make the logo a darker blue. Other than that, its great! Website: 9 and a half / 10 Content : Can't judge, lol, :) Navigation: 9 / 10 Keep it up and with some fine tuning you'll have a master website!
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    Email Advertising - Free and Effective

    Good point. I do now have a link in my signature and I have looked at the x10Exchange and I think I'll give it a try.
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    I'm A Newbie! Hey!

    Hey all, thanks for welcoming me into this community, it's great! I'm sorry that I put a link to another web host in my signature. I didn't know that it wasn't allowed. Anyway, I think I'm right and I've started a few threads that are great (in my opion). Until next time, c ya. Edit: Yeah, I've...
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    Making Money? No Problem!

    I know of a great way to make some real $. I do it all the time. I use affiliates as they get a much better rate than programs such as Google AdSense. I use a affiliate program called AffiliateBot. They offer all kinds of programs to suit almost every website. They pay really well. Some of my...
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    Email Advertising - Free and Effective

    Have a great website? Send emails? I know of a great way to advertise your website for FREE. Yep, thats right, 100% free. The Steps 1. Open your email program (I'm using MS Office Outlook 2003) 2. Navigate your way to the signature section. In Office Outlook it's under Tools > Options > Mail...
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    I'm A Newbie! Hey!

    Hi, I'm just letting you guys know that I'm alive! Lol. I hope I can be of use to many of you somehow. x10 Rocks! PC-Whizz Visit my website (it may not be working?)