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    [OFF] Logo for company

    Re: [OFFER] Logo for company haha no he never got a hold of me after he finished it.. weird eh? I wish he'd PM me though, or someone else make me one
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    [OFF] Logo for company

    Re: [OFFER] Logo for company Bump I need this done ASAP I'll pay as many credits as necessary. BE CREATIVE AND FAST
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    [OFF] Logo for company

    Re: [OFFER] Logo for company I really like the banner a lot. Not a big fan of the star thing in the center though.. but it has great potential. I'm not sure of any suggestions to change it to but you seem like you're creative. :)
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    [OFF] Logo for company

    Re: [OFFER] Logo for company I'm up for any ideas. If you can think of some catchy saying then yeah put it in there. :)
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    [OFF] Logo for company

    I need a logo for my company Corey's Computer Solutions I'm up for any ideas but i want it to include the name or even an abbreviation [CCS] submit ideas and prices Thank you in advance Corey/Smurf
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    hey guys, i am a Immature kid aged 15 and under who mimic the language, clothes, music, style, hobbies, education level, etc of African American Ghetto/Slum Kids
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    Amjad Hussain

    the brother of Tahir Hussain That is Nedren.
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    want to know a funny joke?

    Joker boy
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    The Knot Joke

    This String went to a bar, to get a beer, the bartender says "im sorry i cannot serve strings". So the string walks out of the bar, and messes up his hair and walks back in, and the bartender says "aren't you the string i just told to leave", the string replys "im a frayed knot" haha get it?
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    Fix Sig/Blend images {500 PTS}

    that is my friends sig, and he uses jasc paintshoppro and was wonderin how to blend/fade the border of each image so it kinda looks all smooth, so it doesn't look like it was cut and pasted. i offer 500 points.
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    Today is my Birthday

    wooot.... party?
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    i need help.

    hey im new to this hole computer programmin stuff i just wonderin how i can make a link on my website. like to make a link to my "anime dress up games" then from there to my "anime pix gallery" is there anyway possible i can do this??? i have some really hott pics for any of you guys that want...
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    Look @ my avatar

    wooot its me with my corn rows.. isn't it sexxi...
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    make me a sig

    i think someone should make a sexxy sig.. haha since NedreN deleted mine the other night anyways yes make a me a sexxy sig
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    even newer sig

    yeah, well from what i hear i am now an account manager so this is my new sig, that i breifly made.. so .. what ya think?