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  • hello
    There is dolphin script installed on my account but has some errors, i have requested help in the forum so the ads are not placed yet. Actually the script is installed by one of the moderators, there are some errors though he tried his best. I want some time possibly 2-3 days to get every thing fine. Please do not suspend my account for not placing ads. Its a request plz do consider

    thank u
    There are plenty of Free IRC clients. If you use FireFox I recommend the Chatzilla extension. Alternatively you could use the Java IRC client on these Forums (Click "Support Chat" in the left menu.
    I'm normally in the #offtopic channel on x10's IRC server which is
    IRC? ok i will have to download it and register for it,
    anyways wil do it for you
    Like I said before my profile is not a Support Forum, so stop treating it like one.
    please unsuspend me - all ive done is not log into the forums. This wastes my time, and yours. Thanks for reading.
    "My Profile is not a support Forum."
    I feel bad for x10 staff.
    Account Unsuspended. In future please use the "Unsuspension Request" Form. My Profile is not a support Forum.
    Hello TechAsh
    My account has been Suspended again :((
    i'm really sorry about that coz of reason
    High server resource usage detected.
    please be patient on me Thank you so much
    best Regards

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