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  • !_! my account has been suspended Somebody Help me ! If I'm using high server resource really sorry and I apologize.
    Now I'm Planning for buying hosting from x10hosting if I'm buying x10hosting for webhost. My account will suspend or not ?
    thank you very i always say in the forums when people have a moan about x10.....they are wrong as basicaly most of the time it is their own faults that they cant use the cpanel or an ftp......i have never had a problem with your servers or thank you again
    hi there i have just noticed that my site has been suspended......i do apologise and i do know the rules but i have just got back from a backpacking holiday so i do apologise......thx
    techash can you delete myaccount... its tnx... i want it to deleted because i have deleted one important folder that makes my script not work properly...
    You will need to set up Dreamweaver to use FTP. I'm not exactly sure how to do this as I've always used SmartFTP. But there should be a way to "manage sites" or something an you can enter your FTP details there.

    I do have dreamweaver, so if you can't find out how to do it I could have a look for you.
    can you helinp me please? im a newb to x10, i made a site on dreamweaver CS3 and i have a site called how do i make it into my dreamweaver site?(publish the site i made)

    P.S. i know your busy so i understand if you dont reply.

    Thank You
    xcuse account was banned for 1 i have requested unsuspension request so how much time wil it take to unsuspend
    where can I get help with a new account, I have the "account created" email, but when I try to login it says username not valid?
    hi, I know you are not the support forum but my site has not been working correctly for the past three days. I have had no response in the forums either. Do you have any suggestions to move this on or should i just dump x10? would appreciate any advice you could offer. thanks. graeme
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