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    2012 Movie out today

    For mee, good the special effects, but the whole film was a disaster. In all way. Loosed 6.50 €.
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    Here in Italy you can pay a Kingston DDR II PC667 module OEM about 25 € + taxes, that means about 36,808 $ + 20% taxes. For us 20 $ for a module (13,5 €) is a really cheap price!:lockd:
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    Should old games be legal to download?

    If these games cannot be played anymore, so their destiny will be to die, yes, I think they can be downloaded, and played over emulators, as they will contribute to game's history.
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    What's your favorite (free) FTP Client?

    WinSCP? :|
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    First, get a Unix installation DVD or burn on an ISO MemTest, so you can quickly test your memory banks. You can download OpenSUSE, FreeBSD or Ubuntu, they all have memtest on. Also Vista have the memory test utility. It works well, but I prefer the old crazy Memtest. After this, check out for...
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    Jealous See

    Xenix was (and still is) from Microsoft. And is far far far far before Linux. Returning IT: Also with a list of software to do desktop. And, for all linux users: tecnically, LINUX itself have no graphic desktop, X11 is the desktop environmet...
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    Jealous See Compiz was out on 2006. Beryl was out in 2007. Aero was first out on 2005. I know linux users are jealous, but on graphics Windows is always the first. Also Open Suse still have problems on my GeForce 5200...
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    Jealous See

    Aero comed first. And still is stable and not crappy, instead of Compiz that is stable only on ubuntu. I've tryed it on Red Hat 5 Enterprise and was a bunch of crap to install it, and I've done some hard C work to modify some libraries that doesn't want to compile with it. Not an objective...
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    Post your specs

    Assembled PC with: Intel Core Duo E6750@2,66 Ghz 4 Gb RAM DDR2 Dual Channel ASUS Motherboard P5N32-E SLI ASUS Video NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 640 Mb 4,5 Tb Hard disk, disposed 4x500 RAID internal (2x500 Mirror, 2x500 free not array), 5x500 External eSATA/USB2 hard disks DVD Writer DVD Reader...
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    Jealous See

    I'm not jealous of Compiz-Fusion for Linux because I've found it really **** and a turtle against Aero. But, more important, as a developer, I've developed for years on linux kernel and on Windows. The one thing that no one knows is that WPF Api's on Windows can make the so loved Beryls effect...
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    Dual Boot Snow Leopard and Windows 7 on PC

    Snow leopard was hackintoshed? I'm stucked to 10.5.5