Critique my website? Please?

Discussion in 'Graphics & Webdesign' started by dragonpimpsta, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. dragonpimpsta

    dragonpimpsta New Member

    The goal of my website was simplicity.. I'm finished with the design for now, but the main page things i say are kinda stupidly worded. Just like that last sentence...

  2. mythman

    mythman New Member

    Nice.. it looks pretty good. I like the rollovers you put in it.
  3. callumacrae

    callumacrae not alex mac Community Support

    It looks good.

    I would suggest making the image go to the very top and bottom of the screen.

    The title looks a bit strange as "Jeremy Reed ::". Maybe add "Home"?

  4. dragonpimpsta

    dragonpimpsta New Member

    Thanks Alex,

    I didn't realize it did that. I have a php echo for $page which shows the value of "?id="
    and if you go directly to the site it'll be blank, lol... OR if you put "?id=poopypants" for example it'll say "Jeremy Reed :: poopypants".. I should change that lol.

    When i first read your comment i assumed you were talking about the banner at the bottom right of the content and that gave me the idea to put the name of the page there as well.

    Thanks again. And thanks other guy before alex for your comment
  5. mattblog

    mattblog New Member

    Looks Nice, i would suggest to put a header on it but other than that its good.
  6. dragonpimpsta

    dragonpimpsta New Member


    I know people don't like the white space on the top and bottom, but i think it's cool. I need to find something, like a header, to put in that space but i'm not sure how I should present it yet
  7. fskreuz

    fskreuz New Member

    the background looks fine, simplistic. try using curved corners for your main box. and the main links. also try grayish borders since i think the contrast of colors is too much. what i mean is try softer transition of colors.

    and since you load less content, php may not be necessary. try loading content from hidden divs, fetching html from hidden divs and placing then to the main box. this way, it removes the load time for each part of your site. ofcourse, it needs javascript.
  8. mjserv

    mjserv New Member

    very simple and to the point just as you say.

    nice work
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  9. boonhero

    boonhero New Member

    hey nice site you got there..specially the auto load..
  10. lemon-tree

    lemon-tree x10 Minion Community Support

    I would say it is a tad small, but if that's the way you like it then I suppose it's fine; it does look quite lonely in the middle there when I have the browser window full screen.
    The shadow around the main box is also too dark: shadows should be gentle and give dimension but not dark enough to be outright eye-drawing.
    The final thing is that you have put your email address right on show there and that is just inviting a huge amount of spam to your. The best way of implementing contact is to remove your email address and leave the contact form there or create a dedicated email address specifically to post up publicly, so your main inbox doesn't fill with spam.
  11. cybrax

    cybrax Community Advocate Community Support

    I like the way that you are thinking, it's not so much a web site but rather like being handed a business card, small well designed and just enough content to be intruiging.

    Business Card Inspiration Links favby:lilithStyle&qo=7

    Cloaking the email address is normally a good idea, using either javascript or hiding it out of site preferably with a contact form.
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  12. callumacrae

    callumacrae not alex mac Community Support

    I like! :D

  13. deltapc

    deltapc New Member

  14. leafypiggy

    leafypiggy Manager of Pens and Office Supplies Staff Member

    You do realize that being able to put anything in the id GET field leaves you vulnerable to all sorts of attacks... right?

    Also, not a fan of the design, or your portfolio..
  15. callumacrae

    callumacrae not alex mac Community Support

    I couldn't inject anything personally, I only tried ?id=contact';%20die(); and ?id=contact";%20die(); though.

  16. leafypiggy

    leafypiggy Manager of Pens and Office Supplies Staff Member

    If he's using ?id= to include a file, then he has a problem.. otherwise, it's just stupid.
  17. emilehos

    emilehos New Member

    Yeah !!! it's very good !!!

    like some others, I suggest you putting your image full screen or to get a bigger background image...


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  18. dragonpimpsta

    dragonpimpsta New Member

    Thanks for the wonderful suggestions and critiques guys.

    I made a few small changes:
    - added something above and below "Jeremy Reed" & "Web Design".. I dont want the blue background to go all the way to the top and bottom but i also dont want all that space to be blank. So someone tell me if they think that's any better.

    - I took off my email on contact

    - go to and that's a new homepage (about) i'm working on. I just don't know what words to put yet. Right now i'm just styling it.

    That's all i've done so far-- I HAVENT changed the shadow around the box in the middle to gray from black, but i plan to eventually to see how it looks.

    Thanks again
  19. dragonpimpsta

    dragonpimpsta New Member

    Update: I've turned the shadow gray, but I kept the border as black because I think that looks better. Opinions?
  20. lemon-tree

    lemon-tree x10 Minion Community Support

    The shadow looks a lot better now and the text on the edges of the background helps to make the gaps more intentional than accidental. You could use .htaccess to make your urls look a lot nicer, so '' will silently redirect to ''. Also, I don't really think the certified buttons in the bottom left are really necessary and they don't really fit in well with anything else on the page.

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