How old your current computer?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by danprobo, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. danprobo

    danprobo New Member

    Mine is three year, still fast enough. Her name is "Vanessa", yeah my second girlfriend :)

    One year ago i already upgrade her bios for better compatibility, and this year maybe i will upgrade her ram.
  2. Livewire

    Livewire Abuse Compliance Officer Staff Member

    "Bumblebee," and prolly around a year. Too lazy to go dig up the Newegg invoice.

    And no not after the Transformer; after the insect, cause of the bright yellow and black case.

    Prolly gunna rename it Hornet once my tax refund does its job though - motherboard, cpu, and ram are getting a complete replacement with a new SLI enabled mobo (only cause it happened to do the rest I need it too, handy to have though), quad core AMD (couldn't find a mobo/cpu combo that was quad core that I liked that I could snag with the refund), and 4gb dual channel ram. Might do 8 right off the bat if I'm feelin' spendy.

    And if I've got the $ I'm repairing MediaBox, pretty sure I blew out the PSU but if that doesn't fix it, then MediaBox is going to get the entrails of Bumblebee spliced in so it lives again :)

    (Mediabox is probably closer to 3-4 years old, single core 1.67ghz cpu, overkill for what I'm having it do)
  3. danprobo

    danprobo New Member

    Hornet?Thats cool. Ya i hear lot good news about Phenom II, he can reach 6 ghz (crazy proc).

    My pc only 512 mb of ram, P4 2.8 ghz single core and Vga onboard ati xpress 200.
  4. IonCannon218

    IonCannon218 New Member

    My is a Compaq Presario (dont remember the model #), made in 2004

    It have a Celeron 2.7Ghz single core, 1GB of ram, 1 80GB hard drive with linux, dual booted with a 40gb hard drive with XP, a POS intel integrated 845G video card, motherboard does not have a AGP or PCIe slot so i'm screwed.
  5. satbir

    satbir New Member

    HP Pavilion - dv4224 - 4 years old
  6. Smith6612

    Smith6612 I ate all of the x10Pizza Community Support

    My current computer is a little over a year old, however due to me upgrading it all the time it can be considered a week or two old :p
  7. kyuusei

    kyuusei New Member

    Erm....AM2 motherboard, Athlon X2, GeForce 7800...thats what 3 generations old?

    So about 3-4 years old roughly.
  8. farscapeone

    farscapeone Community Advocate Community Support

    CPU and Motherboard are about a year old, everything else I change to often to remember when :)
  9. boris333

    boris333 New Member

    My desktop is about 2 months away from being 10 years old. Still works most of the time, too.
  10. galaxyAbstractor

    galaxyAbstractor Community Advocate Community Support

    1 and a half year.

    I need a new computer now that can handle 3D animation and rendering, because this one BSoDs all the time, but I am nowhere from affording it
  11. silito

    silito New Member

    i think its now too old man
  12. xPlozion

    xPlozion New Member

    My mobo/pcu (Core 2 Quad), case, and 4gb ram is a year old, the video card, psu, 1tb hdd, and kbd/mouse is 2 mo old.

    I named it after the case manufacturer (NZXT), which is kinda a cool name. I'm not unique, and the computers are all named after their manufacturer/function.
  13. Livewire

    Livewire Abuse Compliance Officer Staff Member

    Better than naming them after planets (too cliche') :)

    Course you've gotta have a problem if you like the same case manufacturer; you'd end up with NZXT, NZXT MK II, NZXTIII, NZXT IV, etc :)
  14. alexandgruntz

    alexandgruntz New Member

    My current computer is 9 months old. :D
  15. QueenHawkeye

    QueenHawkeye Member

    i've had my laptop for a year and a month.
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  16. Jonthefisherman

    Jonthefisherman New Member

    My laptop, which is my first computer of my own ever.
    Is less than 1 year old and its already slow as crap.
    I've been tossing around a few names for the past year and haven't settled on anything yet. :p
  17. hermitobserver

    hermitobserver New Member

    One is a 95 and the current one I'm using is about 3 months old
  18. crabbypup

    crabbypup New Member

    well, my lappy is 6weeks old. and i think i will call it haxxor :) vista home edition
  19. chingola

    chingola New Member

    About one year, I keep changing things in it so currently a few days since last upgrade. HAve to upgrade soon, maybe wait until win7 released and get a quad core or if I really get the money a quad zeon system to do my graphics work :)
  20. SteveSe939

    SteveSe939 New Member

    The desktop is a Compaq from 2000. (currently in the process of rebuilding, for gaming)

    The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite m35x series from 2004, intel celeron M, 1.5ghz, 1.21gb of memory. Not a bad laptop at all, at first it came with 512. Once I took a 256 stick out and threw the 1gb in it, it responded VERY well with the upgrade. Never delays, freezes up or nothing. Have no complaints. :biggrin:

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