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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Corey, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. Corey

    Corey I Break Things Staff Member

    If your account is having issues please post HERE so I can look into it. We've moved over 1,300 accounts and I know there are problems with some of the accounts. Please post your account info along with the problem. I will take care of these in the order they are posted. Please post ASAP as the old server will be going offline soon.

  2. tweener

    tweener New Member

    ok i guess im first. I cant go to my site

    i cannt loginto cpanel and i cant use FTP. not sure what the problem is maybe the server is not connecting or something
  3. xose87

    xose87 New Member

    Hi corey!
    Im currently having problems with my forum. Everytime i login or post something or view something, it will somehow make my forum down. As in, my whole account is not accessible for around 1hour. After 1 hour later, i manage to view my forum, but as soon as i login again, my forum is down again. Sometimes it run smoothly, sometimes it juz kill it. Please kindly have a look at my account Corey. Thanks in advanced.

    User account:
  4. DizzyTechnology

    DizzyTechnology New Member

    My account still has not been moved... cPanel's ping still gives me 70.xx.xx.xx. I'm with the username zacwal. I also have no more GD Support and PHP Mail Server options are either down or permanentley off; phpBB will not send mail. (Nobody can register or send PMs)
  5. careerbridge

    careerbridge New Member

    I think there is some problem with Predefined Variables of php in the new server. I can't use '$REMOTE_ADDR' to get the user's IP address and this realy caused errors in my code. But $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] is working....
  6. swirly

    swirly Active Member

  7. apclan

    apclan New Member

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  8. Torch

    Torch New Member

    Well, my account works now.
    But I'm still having that errors which I started having about a day or so before the transfer (more info).
  9. Richard

    Richard New Member

    Thats because globals have been droped from php for security reasons. The recomendation by is to use $_SERVER, $_POST, $_GET and so on
  10. Reclutador

    Reclutador Active Member

    Hey guys, ive got problems with MySQL, it don`t appear

    The username is dr3 and the http is

    th4nks for all :)

    Edit: IF I create this to back up, its more easy to recover the SQL of the old server?

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  11. rainman0

    rainman0 New Member

    Same except for the PHPBB stuff (i don't have a PHPBB Board.)
  12. Bryon

    Bryon I Fix Things Staff Member

    Make sure you guys all post your usernames.. (Subdomains are ok also, just need something. :))
  13. dharmil

    dharmil New Member

    um i cant figure out how do i know if i am on the new server? Cpanel Gives me this ip
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  14. Reclutador

    Reclutador Active Member

    Friend this is the ip from the new server, the old server starts by 70.
  15. MultiMediaMadness

    MultiMediaMadness New Member

    I can get on my site and cpanel, but it's extremly slow, FTP is working fine.
    username: mmm
  16. apclan

    apclan New Member

    could someone fix my site? i can't get into the administration panel in phpbb.
  17. dharmil

    dharmil New Member

  18. apclan

    apclan New Member

    ok i can now thx
  19. swirly

    swirly Active Member

    well now my siote dosnt even work...i posted my info earlier
  20. Alejandro

    Alejandro Staff Staff Member Community Support

    In case you need it, the server IP is
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