Please Increase Disk Space


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Denied. More then half your current usage comes from stored backups.

You have a wordpress plugin that backups your site from the looks, there are currently a bit over 200mb used by the plugin for backups. The most recent being from may of this year, the oldest from december 2020.

Backups are of little use stored on the account, in the event of a problem with the account and site you would not be able to access backups, having one recent one present for easy restore may be good, but in reality you should always download and store backups locally on your computer or at a third party service such as perhaps dropbox to ensure you have access when needed.

That being said, I saw you had a couple duplicated files that was a remnant from the issues we had with data going corrupt about a year ago, cleared of those files for you, so you now have some room. You would still need to download the backups you need to retain and remove them from the server though, as with those taken of the usage you fall under the requirement for upgrade.