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Discussion in 'Review My Site' started by agroup, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. agroup

    agroup New Member

    Hello !

    I hope you will be fine.

    Two days ago i completed my work on my personal site.

    I want to review it.

    Any suggestion will be appriciated.

    Thanx in Advance
  2. freecrm

    freecrm New Member

    Considering you're only 17, I think this is exceptionally good work visually (If it's not a template).

    Depending on how you want visitors to find your pages, you might like to consider SEO for a moment and how search engines work.

    Flash is not read by search engines!

    I just ran your site through a search engine simulator and it came back with this..

    And Keyword analysis:

    If search engines don't bother you - no issues with your site at all (apart from a few small spelling/grammar errors) - good job!
  3. mattura

    mattura Member

    Nice one.
    Have you got a non-flash version? This is not just important for those who don't have flash, but for search engines to find content and rank your site.
  4. inserach

    inserach New Member

    have you removed it? All I get is...

    Index of /
  5. wongers

    wongers New Member

    same as Insearch ^ ^ ^
  6. mattblog

    mattblog New Member

    all i get is
    Index of /

    * .ftpquota
    * antivirus.txt
    * cgi-bin/
    * ebill/
  7. stardom

    stardom New Member

    yea looks like its down :\

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    05-18-2010 08:17 AM
  8. callumacrae

    callumacrae not alex mac Community Support

    from what I saw ( it is amazing.

    But it's FLASH. I don't like flash. Quite a lot of people don't, including search engines.

  9. dykesluke172

    dykesluke172 New Member

    looks down to :(
  10. John Klyne

    John Klyne Community Advocate Community Support

    Okay for those of you that found that flash does not help search engine work...I suggest you do this....

    Make yourself a text box, if you can, around the borders of your site or footer or on one side, and write down things that would help your search engine rankings in really really really really small font, FONT that is also the SAME color as the background...add a simple script to your sites so that content cannot be right-clicked and WAHHHHH BAM have yourself a working flash site, that gets listed on search engines, and no one will know how you do it....unless they read your source pages....which you can also cloak, or mess around with A LOT...but that is for another day. I cannot disclose everything I know can I?

    There are ways of getting past search engine rankings...I am no idiot. I am also not a person who thinks within the box. Hah, if I thought within the box I would be living in a mountain, making my own electricity, purifiying my own water, and hunting deer every week. It's not as bad as you may think.

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