What do you like about Linux?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by mcklovin, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. mcklovin

    mcklovin New Member

    I made the thread about Windows VS Mac, completely leaving out Linux. I always viewed Linux as such a very small community (though I've used it in the past myself). But that did get me thinking sure its open source so you have benefits of free software. But is it truly worth the hassle to you. I mean working with the windows emulators and everything, is it worth the trouble. What does Linux have that Windows or Mac doesn't? I mean Linux has open source software much of it I find useless or just not pleasing. I used Open Office and that experience doesn't compare to the experience of using Microsoft Office to me. But then again that's my point of view, whats yours?
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  2. componentwarehouse

    componentwarehouse New Member

    I like the fact thats its free :D . Im also planning to get it on my new laptop, since it requires pretty low specs to run.

  3. perpsgt

    perpsgt New Member

    Linux will run on pretty much any old PC you may have lying around, so it is perfect for setting up a headless printer/file/mail server etc.

    From a desktop perspective, I find it to be a lot more solid, stable and robust than Windows. Applications from different developers integrate into the OS better . You have a lot more control over the various facets of your OS if you want to. There are no ridiculous and opressive licensing agreements which madante that you don't own the copy of software you have purchased. I could go on about security, speed, and the advantages of an open source model, but you've probably heard all those arguments before :)

    Also, OpenOffice smokes MSOffice. :)

    - perpsgt
  4. componentwarehouse

    componentwarehouse New Member

    The only point it beats it on is that its free, everything else Office 2007 does far better then Open Office in my opinion.

  5. Sohail

    Sohail New Member

    Personally the only thing I find Linux useful for is servers and hosting.
  6. Cruvenium

    Cruvenium New Member

    I love Compiz Fusion on Linux. That's all.
  7. chianghl

    chianghl New Member

    I like OpenSuse and UBUNTU.

    The multiple desktop function is the function that I like most in most GUI Linux OS. It lets you organize your workspace better. Its like the Spaces function that is newly introduced in Mac OSX 10 Leopard.

    Most programs in Linux is free or relatively cheap. If lets say you are someone who just uses word processing, why not just switch to using Linux with Openoffice, this could save a lot of cost especially for SMBs.
  8. shyguy

    shyguy New Member

    I love opensuse as well and KDE but not GNOME.
  9. blingladen

    blingladen New Member

    i found redhat good for hosting a sendmail server. i planned to use it to host my domain but i was too comfortable with Solaris 9 and sun/one webserver that i never gave linux a try webhosting. i am testing the latest ubuntu on an older i586box, just having difficulty with some drivers.
  10. Smith6612

    Smith6612 I ate all of the x10Pizza Community Support

    I like on the fact on how flexible it is. I run Fedora 9 Core here, and the system acts as my home web server running Apache, PHP and MySQL, the system is also my routing system here at home, and manages my internet connection and e-mails me should my DSL line's stats start to look bad (which has never happened since I'm next to the feed). I also like Linux because it's free, except for a few Distros such as Linspire.
  11. DeadBattery

    DeadBattery Community Support Team Community Support

    I like it because of many reasons:
    It's simplicity
    Open Source
    You can install things easily through terminal (sudo apt-get install firefox, for example)
    Ability to run on virtually any old computer or box you have lying around.

    I could go on and on with reasons. :biggrin:
    Also, if it seems slow it is probably just Gnome or KDE, use Fluxbox instead.
  12. thengineer

    thengineer New Member

    what I like about linux?
    i like the already mentioned flexibility. everying can be tweaked, replaced. thus makes it perfect for a number of usage scenarios. like running on old hardware, embedded systems etc.

    i personally am running a (wlan) router and a tv box under linux. i've had it running on my desktop some time ago, but it turned out, that there many, if not all applications i need cant run on linux, or have compareable counterparts on linux.
  13. tnl2k7

    tnl2k7 Banned

    The way it's so customisable and easy to develop for (Python, anyone?). You can strip it right back until there's nothing there then build your system up the way you want it. It beats that bloated Windows crap, Vista with all its useless video tools and whatever....ugh.

    Ubuntu + Open Solaris + Fedora + openSUSE FTW!

  14. vol7ron

    vol7ron New Member

    Goods: free, flexible, fast, secure
    Bads: graphical dependent games and problems with well established and universal Microsoft products
  15. razored

    razored New Member

    I appreciate its gargantuan speed increase compared to Windows, its ability to be free, and mainly, its "complexity."
  16. kkenny

    kkenny Active Member

    The thing I like the most about it is that it's easier to run servers on Linux compared to windows. and it is less resource consuming
  17. IonCannon218

    IonCannon218 New Member

    I like everything that's good about Linux!
  18. GG-Xtreme

    GG-Xtreme New Member

    I use both Windows (XP and Vista) and Linux (X-Ubuntu and CentOS) and this is what I fell about Linux:

    Pros: secure, open-source, free, best OS for server hosting IMO, nice set of free and supported applications
    Cons: KDE and Gnome run slower than Windows XP on all of my computers, little support for games, less stable than XP in my experience (my XP boxes have never crashed once except for a blue-screen when I installed bad drivers, I've had to reformat my Linux boxes countless times and the GUI's tend to make things even more unstable), lack of some features that I'm used to in Windows, commandline knowledge is more necessary to get around (not really a con of the OS so much as laziness of the user)
  19. fempower

    fempower New Member

    It's free, more streamlined, and more secure.
  20. Nathan H

    Nathan H New Member

    I like it because of SSH on my server. It really is a fantastic server OS, i can't stand it as a home/PC OS, but its nice simple and easy to manage.

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