What is your prefered programming language?

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What is your preferred programming language? (Leave a reply too!)

  1. PHP

  2. Perl

  3. C#, C, C+, Any Form of C

  4. Python

  5. Whitespace

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  6. Other

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  1. dito7967

    dito7967 New Member

    What programming language do you program with?
    (Poll attached)

    Me? I'd rather go with PHP or Perl.
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  2. jtwhite

    jtwhite Community Advocate Community Support

    PHP is definitely mine. It's actually the only one I am good at.
  3. Zubair

    Zubair Community Leader Community Support

    My vote is for PHP..
    because i only know this :)
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  4. descalzo

    descalzo Grim Squeaker Community Support

    Perl, PHP, some Ruby. JavaScript. Depends on what the job calls for.

    Have done some C-family coding, but that is usually for apps, which I don't do that often.
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  5. ChatIndia

    ChatIndia Community Advocate Community Support

    PHP, ASP and ASP.net but PHP is the best
  6. miguelkp

    miguelkp Member

    I voted 'PHP' and 'Other'.
    PHP for web apps and Ruby for standard apps.
  7. masshuu

    masshuu Head of the Geese Community Support

    i feel its wrong to group c# with c++ and c.
    all it does is use a curly bracket format like c, php, and javascript, otherwise its as similar to c++ as php is.
  8. Twinkie

    Twinkie Banned

    You put whitespace but not Java??

    Anyway, plus 1 for C++, Java and PHP.
  9. posidyn

    posidyn Member

    C/C++ then Delphi

    Only because those are the ones I am very familiar with. I would like to learn a whole bunch of others though like PHP and Java And Javascript.
  10. galaxyAbstractor

    galaxyAbstractor Community Advocate Community Support

  11. Mitch

    Mitch New Member

    My favorite is PHP. You can do so much with it. I am really starting to like it, because i am getting a lot better in it ;)
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  12. kefka_asylum

    kefka_asylum New Member

    assembly language and machine-code
  13. tartou2

    tartou2 Banned

    I say PHP because it is the easiest one

    I started in the past learning C++ but i didn't continued. I only know its basics
  14. goldblue

    goldblue New Member

    PHP my choice.
  15. Derek

    Derek Community Support Force Community Support

    Java which isn't listed.
  16. Danielx386

    Danielx386 Member

    PHP, HTML, CSS and that template system that is used in phpbb :)
  17. xav0989

    xav0989 Community Public Relation Community Support

    I touched most of the most common languages, but I mostly stuck with PHP, ruby, Perl and some Python. I do still use some C/C++ as I help a friend and read some source code, but I mostly think of myself as a web-oriented programmer.
  18. Twinkie

    Twinkie Banned

    Java has a nice concept, and has a lot of power. It is strict, well organized and generally more manageable than other languages. It does something most other languages don't: make code deployable and manageable. Java has rules and features like mandatory exception handling and generics that make large projects easier to manage. It also encourages extensibility because you know that everyone is subject to the same 'care to code' as you were, leading to higher quality applications. With PHP and C++, errors are always abundant from bugs that would have never compiled in Java. Errors that take valuable time to debug.

    C++ is my second choice in terms of power. The lack of a virtual machine (and the requirement to install one) benefits programmers in terms of speed. Its lack many restrictions of Java making it easier to code and more functional. However, for large scale projects, Java as a language is better suited.

    PHP is my third choice simply because of how easy and quick it is. There could be a PHP equivalent to just about anything. It incorporates most features of other languages, while not complicating the language. I do most of my work in PHP because of how easy it is to code.

    I guess every language has its designated purpose and it is impossible to tell which is the best. That question would lead to a better question: what type of projects do you mostly undertake? For me, it is development of large scale management systems.

    Anyone agree?
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  19. deathlyrage

    deathlyrage New Member

    C#, Python, PHP/HTML, Java, C++.
  20. dito7967

    dito7967 New Member

    I see PHP is a very popular language :)

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