Windows XP vs Windows Vista

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Windows XP or Windows Vista

  1. Windows XP

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  2. Windows Vista

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  1. Perfect7

    Perfect7 New Member

    Which operating system do you prefer. Windows XP or Windows Vista?

    For me I would have to say I liked Windows XP better. Although I like the new features in Windows Vista like the gadegt bar and the Windows Aero, every PC I use that has Windows Vista on it is really too laggy... Even the brand new ones with extremely high specs...

    Well... I know that there is already a thread on this... But I thought I would like to see a poll... If that's ok.. :p
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  2. LHVWB

    LHVWB New Member

    I would say Windows XP. It may be slow and have millions of bugs but at least for me I have some experience with mucking around and fixing the more annouying bugs. "An enemy you know is better than an that you don't".

    As you discussed the specs for vista are also a bit too high. I think my best computer can just run it meaning that would run very slowly on it.
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  3. tektrnica

    tektrnica New Member

    XP all the way untill the next REAL version of windows...

    Vista is nothing more than a "Windows ME" for the XP generation. Most of the new windows features were left out of Vista, and in a bid to make it look like M$ wasnt lagging behind they pushed out this half assed fancy dress Vista, and at the same time try and push there existing user base off XP 1. by limited dx10 to vista, and 2. saying that support and sales of PC's with winXP Will cease.

    Vista is waaay too bloated and system resource heavy.

    Oh, and if you like the visual improvments of Vista, you can easily get XP to look the same... just takes a lil tweaking and a bit of software :p
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  4. Perfect7

    Perfect7 New Member

    Ha ha... I'm not at all knowledgable in tweaking things... So fixing things like fixing bugs are out of my area. I can just use it as it is.. Sadly
  5. tektrnica

    tektrnica New Member

    theres a very simple "complete" transformation pack for XP floating around the net...

    check it out. a friend has run it for ages and has had no problems with it... (i dont run it as i run the litestep shell)
  6. Smith6612

    Smith6612 I ate all of the x10Pizza Community Support

    My gaming computer doesn't lag. Those computers must've had bloatware or users who like to cram stuff into it and not maintain it :D. Gaming computer the last time I gave it a reboot started Vista up in 20 seconds, and had everything including all of my gaming programs, IM, Firefox, and Aero, etc loaded within a minute, then the HDs were idle.

    Otherwise, I'd have to say Vista. XP had the same problems that Vista used to have when it first came out, though because Vista is using the NT kernel still, it's still has the stability of Windows XP and Windows 2000, but there's a twist to it; closed system shell. Really, it's very hard to compare XP and Vista and which is better because of this closed shell. Honestly, many companies like McAfee and Symantec wanted Microsoft to open up the shell for their programs. They may have whined a bit, but they eventually had to recode their software since Microsoft wouldn't budge.

    Believe me when I say this, I get calls all the time from around town and even sometimes out of state from family relatives and their friends asking me about Vista, and telling me all of the rumors they've heard. Mostly, it's about how Vista is slow and unstable, and uses too much RAM, and I always tell them that if they don't want Vista using so much RAM, I told them to simply shut Aero off, SuperFetch off, and the other new features in Vista and that'll easilly make it run with a very small amount of RAM. Also, I send them a picture of my uptime gadget from a C++ program someone created for me of my computer, which has recorded that my computer has been up and running for MONTHS without a reboot except for those that are for updates. Many times after them telling me this, we'll both sit in front of a computer, and I'll follow along where they are going to look for a new computer. Many times, they look at a Dell, and they ask me what system I recommend, and they tell me what they use the computer for and what they want to pay, and I'll either see if I can get them some good stuff either from Dell or another company, or if I can build them a faster one and ship it to them.

    So honestly, I've only been with Vista for 6 months, but being that I have loads of experience with fixing and building machines and software, I can honestly tell you that Vista is better in the long run than XP. XP was just as bad (I has gotten XP the month it came out, you don't wanna know how many blue screens of deaths I had before I found out what was the problem lol).

    Also, don't forget, most people these days can't use DX10 because DX10 cards from nVidia and ATi only started coming out around a year or so ago and they are pretty expensive for most people. I have two of these cards from nVidia, and they are awesome, but also don't forget that game makers that make games with DX10 still run perfectly fine with DX9 technologies. They're going to have to do this and will be doing this for a while until more and more people get better PCs. Take Crysis for example, Crysis locks out the Very High setting on non-DX10 systems, so it can adapt to it just fine.

    I like all of the BS people say. Makes for a nice debate and a way to raise my telephone bill by $20 :D. The internet? Pssh, burn up bandwidth :p
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  7. skitzobear

    skitzobear New Member

    Personaly, i like windows xp. I am used to all the little bumps in it and it seems to never realy give me any trouble. I own an internet radio station and thus have a ton of extra crud in my pc. I could loose a bunch of that crud to speed it up a bit, but my wifes vista would still be a ton faster. As we all know, faster is not always better.

    My wife has a new pc ( 5 months old) that came with vista on it. For her it works great and she has managed to figure it out for the most part. From working on it myself ( to install broadcasting software and such) I found it complicated and not very user friendly. It took me three times as long to set the vista up then it does xp. Sure, vista is the future, and i know i will get used to it but i think it was released way too soon.:dunno:

    One thing that they dropped the ball on is the use of microphones. Trying to configure the mic settings is like finding your way thru a maze that has no exit. You realy need to know what your doing to accomplish much of anything on vista. sure its pretty to look at, but they still have alot to do befor i want to use it myself.
  8. Smith6612

    Smith6612 I ate all of the x10Pizza Community Support

    Microphone is plug and play. Just tell Vista that you want it as your default device once you plug it in, and it's all set. Just like any other version of Windows. I can see how it can be harder to do though because of the new style in the sound properties.
  9. reject

    reject New Member

    Windows XP by far, I have another computer that runs on Vista. Horrible operating system, the first day we got it, the computer was as slow as if you had an XP filled with adware.
  10. TheMan177

    TheMan177 New Member

    XP now, and most likely XP for a fair while to come. Why? I've been using XP almost since day one, I know my way around the operating system, I know how it works and many tweaks for it.

    I'm not going to go through my long lists of likes and dislikes for Vista, but lets just say that I'm not ready for Vista, and Vista isn't ready for me.
  11. TechAsh

    TechAsh Retired

    I use Windows XP with the Royale Remixed theme, and I have no need to upgrade to Vista. I know how to fix a lot of the common problems with XP, and I find that Vista is a bit expensive.
  12. bugzon

    bugzon New Member

    There is no comparison because... Windows Vista is being prepared to beat the Windows XP. Xp is more user-friendly than Vista. But Vista has the potential of better features and performance. Networking features are very great in Vista so... I think after the release of Windows Vista Service Pack 1, it's getting better.

    And also there another Operating System from Microsoft... Windows 7... I hope this will be great from its start....

  13. RedhedProductions

    RedhedProductions New Member

    For me, XP would have to be it.

    The ONLY reason that I could POSSIBLY want Vista, is that it looks good and has the sidebar thingy.
    Aw, tough look Microsoft. I just found a soloution to that.

    I have a Bricopack that gives me the aero look in black, white, and green, software that is able to blur, and Object bar for a sidebar.

    And I heard (don't quote me on this) that SP3 for XP is supposed to include nearly all of the security features of Vista. Whoops. That wasn't smart now, was it Microsoft?
  14. tektrnica

    tektrnica New Member

    Windows 7 will be what Vista SHOULD of been... not the half arsed fancy dress crap they gave us...
  15. magaly

    magaly New Member

    Vista has a very clean interface, but I wouldn't sacrifice a pretty screen for everything XP has over it. The kind of software I use requires some resources, but not enough so that my computer lags infinitely. It's because of this that I was surprised when I bought a new laptop and it came with Vista installed. When drawing in Flash or Photoshop, I get a lag when making a single stroke or trying to move text in Photoshop [inputting text takes about a minute to load]. The resources Vista occupies are insane. I was used to XP, and though at times I did get frustrated at Photoshop taking 40 secs to load, Vista taking 3 mins is much worse. If I could find the drivers for this laptop I'd downgrade to XP but have had little luck so far. Anyone who has the option, I'd say to stay away from Vista.

    That, and, a lot of small programs and games I tend to use are very buggy on Vista. I don't know, whoever actually pays to upgrade to this OS is probably in for a disappointment.
  16. Perfect7

    Perfect7 New Member

    Yeah... That's what I did too.. I turned Aero off. But I'm not so sure about how to turn SuperFetch off. Would you mind telling? :) So that I can increase my PC speed a bit more..

    That Bricopack thing sounds cool RedhedProductions. I i wish I had XP too :p
  17. Smith6612

    Smith6612 I ate all of the x10Pizza Community Support

    All you need to do is open up command prompt and enter in the following: UAC might get in the way at first. If it does, allow it to elevate your priveledges and type this in again.

    net stop superfetch

    Also, don't forget to turn off Drive indexing as well. That will use some of the system up when it decides to run as well. Oh yeah, also turn off Windows Defender scheduled scans (and realtime monitoring if you want to do that) and Auto-defrags. This should improve your performance. I have everything on my gaming machine set on.
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  18. Spartan Erik

    Spartan Erik Retired

    I doubt Vista will ever beat XP as Microsoft is projected to release Windows 7 in 2010 (but knowing Bill Gates, that projected date is probably 5 years early). Vista is a hog when it comes to memory and performance; no matter how high end your computer is, XP will always run better than Vista. DX10 is trash, the interface is cluttered, and the drivers are still being worked on!

    I wouldn't get my hopes up for Windows 7 either. As nice as modular computing would be, it is quite likely that Microsoft will have subscription fees to use each additional modular component. Want a media center component? How about $5 a month?

    If this prediction becomes reality, open-source software will definitely be the defeat of Microsoft.

    Long live XP!
  19. Perfect7

    Perfect7 New Member

    Thanks Smith. I tried that... I'll just see how it goes now...
  20. alexandgruntz

    alexandgruntz New Member

    I'm for Windows Vista. It's going to be the norm one day, and it is user-friendly (speaking from personal experience). Even though some people say that it has poor compatibility, I found the opposite to be true. I have had no major problems as yet.

    I have never found Vista laggy at all. I find it faster than XP (maybe the new PC helped as well :lol:)
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