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    [0 credits] Free Custom Facebook Like Website (social Networking) Like Script

    Kasperky 2011 picks this up as a Trojan site.
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    [0 credits] FREE Site setup, software instilation, wordpress, SMF, Joomla or other

    Re: [0 credits] FREE Site setup, software instilation, wordpress, SMF, Joomla or othe Hi. A quick question. Do you know when smf 2.0 will be released. As I am a Webmaster, Programmer and CEO myself. But I dislike the competors, and dont want to install then 2 days later upgrade if its going to...
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    Please review my site :)

    Your Welcome! And, man $1000 is some big cash! And the buying ads becomes espcially good when you have lots of traffic. Good luck dude!
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    FTP Trouble

    Guys, lets stop Grave Digging 1 year old topics....
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    Please review my site :)

    Well, I think Adsense is only for US... but other than that just have people buy ads on your site for like maybe $.50 a ad per day. So in a month: .50*30= $15 or 670.42 Rupees. :) So 2 lahk=200,000 Ruppes so 200,000=$4,376 USD so in 298 month wazahm! You got your money. Not very reliable but...
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    Feedback for my site

    The theme is okay, not great but not the worst I've seen! The forums are good, but a bit of advice from a webmaster to a webmaster, Don't have just staff on a forum, or, or have 4 staff and 3 members, It sets a bad example for the users by saying, "hey there is more staff than active users!" So...
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    Please review my site :)

    Looking good! Keep up the good work and Adsense is a slow way to generate revenue for a site, but is a way to bring in some much needed cash!
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    Free Hosting Tricks #1

    Very nice tutorials! Helpful for some with bad or unreliable hosting!
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    how to install sNews?

    Try looking on their site for help. Unless you mean the info to install it. If trying to do it manually create a MySQL database and user, then follow, unless it doesn't call for MySQL. But, why not trying another CMS, such as, Joomla, Drupal, etc. They are supported in Fantastico and Softalucus.
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    hello, I'm Robert

    Strange. This sounds like a issue for the support forum. In any case, it might just be a busy day on the servers. (Also they are upgrading the free servers so things may not be optimal for a few hours.)
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    Any Tips on how to make Wordpress run faster for Free Hosting?

    Well, a really good way is to just buy premium if you think its slow. Personally my site and its sub-domains run very fast. But in saying that I probably just jinxed myself. :/
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    Free WordPress Theme By Mido_1989

    Very Good! They all are very professional looking, but some on first page the photo is not displaying. :(
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    Domain registrars

    I don't think I could have said it any better. They are amazing! My domain was hosted here on x10 in about a hour. Fast, safe, and reliable.
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    [Windows 7] Connection Issues.

    Or you can install a program called DNS Bench. (Its 100% free and doesn't actually install, just runs) and you can find the fastest DNS Server for you which will drastically increase speed. :)
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    Vending Machine (Game)

    You receive: a SSD 40GB drive I get a 3TB SAN Drive