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    Biggest forum? -> Indonesian Largest Community with Forum Statistics: TOTAL POSTS: 52,254,485 TOTAL MEMBERS: 739,747 (stats as 30 Dec 2008)
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    xbox to pc

    does it make any diff?
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    [game} Rename the person above you

    Mitch => Michelle (girly name?) hehehe...
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    A human skull.

    nice touch...
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    World's Worst Web Designs

    :( i think so
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    Nvu or Dreamweaver?

    notepad is still the best....or any text editor...
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    WHich is the best Antivirus :)
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    Big blue smiley

    looks like the head and body is not properly perspective..would be better if the body is a little bit bigger than the head.. :)
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    What's in a Blog?

    I agree with nexhunter. what i can add for readers is that the need of easy navigation.. and categorize as well...
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    Review my Forums

    nice template.. you need a better logo/banner... have a good try..
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    New Band Website, Please review

    good job. :) keep moving...
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    Please review my upcoming clan site.

    nice but a bit dull in my opinion.. nice try.. :)
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    Review my site

    looks good.. color scheme is very nice.. combination of contrast red, white & black.... rating 9/10
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    WHich is the best Antivirus

    kaspersky is the best ever choice... it's not as heavy as norton antivirus or mcafee try other antivirus first before you try kaspersky..and see the difference....
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    Please help a newbie

    good start...color scheme looks nice..