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    Overall a good site, nice and clean, simple, easy to navigate. The only point I could really point out has already been mentioned and amended and that the PDFs idea. Well done :)
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    Review My Site! :D

    looks a bit plain and simple to me i think if you talking about webdesign and offering tutorials then your site should reflect your expertise and showcase what you can do. But its a good start keep the content rolling on :cool:
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    Please check out my wordpress theme

    i think about using another colour to intergrate the two main colours you have at the moment anad id also agree that you need a couple of images to liven things up. But other than that a good clean site :)
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    my site + 1 winner

    thought i was going mental, thought i seen something similar:
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    Review :)

    ok i'll work on that, any colour preference?? lol Im also looking to change the menu at the bottom from an image one to a css one- less images, get it to load abit faster. Another thing im doing is producing a few micro sites to add to my portfolio to demonstrate some of the stuff i can do...
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    Review :)

    hey guys, just wondering what your opinions are of my site?? thanks, Owen