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    whats wrong with filevip? i cant login, and the download links i had before just redirect me to filevip....
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    I installed Gallery from fantastco successfully. However, after i add photos to an ablum, they dont work. the image comes up as a red x also, does anyone know how to add the ad codes to the gallery and how to edit its templates?
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    FileVIP Suggestion still gives me errors every once in a whle.... only about 2/3 of my uploads got through anyways: SUGGESTION: dont time out if your not active.... if i leave the page uploading a file, after like 30 min of inactivity, i get logged out, even though the file is still uploading.... so...
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    i have trouble installing joomla from fantastico.... i get a 403 error when visiting the index.php page after installing it.... i tried installing e107 also and got a 500 error.... whats going on?
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    DVD Problems

    I have a problem with my dvd burner... I've been trying to make a movie for a school project but I only successfully burn the dvd like 50% of the time. I have no clue why. I was using Nero 6. The first 5 or so tries were successful, then the next 5 were not.... Anyone wanna help me out? I've...
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    Please help, my account was hacked.... I don't know my login details now because its not working =[
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    market place

    Is there an option to the points mod here to receive a PM everytime u receive a donation? because in the market place, its hard to keep track whether people paid you or not... i myself am trying to sort it out so if a mod could tell me if i received a donation, that would be great =)
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    Comp Messup

    Help me plz... I messed up my comp... 1. I have a sony desktop (so the drives are partitioned into a small C drive and a large D Drive) 2. i've always been installing to C Drive and now its full and it lags. 3. i'm uninstalling from c and installing to D drive so i can defrag C 4. i created...
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    [OFFERING] Sig Space

    I'm selling my sig space... You can put what you want in my sig space if you purchase it. I'll auction it off and see how that goes.... Paying will purchase you one month. Bidding begins at 5 points. Minimum raise of 2 points. Bid ends in 3 days.
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    Image Magick

    Does cpanel support Image Magick?
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    upgrade question

    you guys have been talking on implementing an item so you can buy to upgrade your account. is this stilll trying to happen? or can we request upgrades now? (and how much does it cost to upgrade or downgrade you account?)
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    more points

    here is a suggestion, instead of just one point per post, let it be like a base of .5 points per post and .01 points per character or something. that way, lengthy (useful) posts get more points then simple spam.
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    security in cms

    are most cms's safe? i was about to make my own but am considering just sticking to simple html
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    e107 ad help

    i've seen the method hwo to add the corporate banner ad but i dont' know how to add that text link one for the advanced plan. how do i add it (besides making it a banner)? i tried making it a custom menu block but nothing showed up, i tried putting it as the welcome message but again, nothing...
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    you guys might want to fix up your shop. like take out the "remove ads for the Static plan" and add in the upgrade/downgrade your account... but yeah, the stuff there really costs a lot!!