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  • ok thks for the advice, well i hope what i posted might was a new infomation for him (propagation time)
    Hi, Our site was suspended for having a nul vb uploaded to the data base. We do realise now why this has happened but it is was not purpasly uploaded, the file we uploaded was the wrong one as it was the one we didnt need we did not realise until after it was uploaded and by then we had no time to remove it from our database. We would just like to make you aware that it was accidental and we do have a legal vb that was purchased today and is what we were supposed to upload. We hope that this information is helpfull.
    Hi Xav0989,

    I know an Xav... ever heard of a proboard forum called SpiritSense? If so this is KG.. if not then hi anyway.

    Hello my site got suspended for having a phishing script up...I have a security auditing company and I am testing a business for vulnerabilities. Since it is a large business with several employers, it's a good idea to be sure that the they are security-savvy, so I was going to attempt to social engineer information out of them by loading up a phishing script. I looked at the Terms of Service before uploading it (http://x10hosting.com/tos.php) and I did not see anything about phishing, so I assumed it would be alright. Now, I see your post on the forum which said that it is against the rules to do so. Is there any way you can unsuspend my account? I'll delete the files in question right away, and if you need proof that I am employed by them I can Cc you some emails from them. Anyways, I apologize for the inconvenience.
    hmm... frustrating to write a message and see "thread closed" when I click "post message" while on support forum in a thread with subject "account deleted" and "account deleted" as a sole answer.
    I found php performance good at x10hosting, but i won't insist too much. I hope you see my point, at least.
    Hello, about 2 Days ago. Is that a bad thing what I got? Could I be banned or get a warning if I keep going? Or is it just a joke? I'm only new on here.
    Hi there. You asked for my website's address in the Whats your Web Design Project? thread but since it's been five days with no reply I'm guessing you didn't see it.

    Here's my message:


    I haven't blocked registration, but be aware that if you do create a character, we aren't even in alpha testing yet and I reserve all rights to do whatever I want with it ;)

    If you're more interested in the setting, you could read here: http://salvatos.x10hosting.com/roman.php (in French as well)
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