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  • Happy new year
    bonne année
    Glückliches Neujahr
    anno nuovo felice
    feliz ano novo
    с новым годом
    glad ny år
    Feliz Año Nuevo
    Heyheyhey :3 This is Swiblet, formerly known as Deathpie. What's going on? 8D I missed ya!

    Hello, Corey.
    Itman647 is good, just to let you know...check out some of his work in the graphics, and webdesign forum.
    And jordanc is right, THIS ISN'T A SUPPORT FORUM!
    hi mate would you want me to design for you, your new logo for the new x10 system? there are a few of my designs in the graphics section in the forum. check em out. peace
    Hey Corey.

    Oh and can everyone else stop posting support requests here, I'm sure Corey is busy.
    You working on the transfers? How long does it take per server?
    hello Corey. Apache on the server Im on, "lotus" is offline. This happened 2 more times in the last 24 hours

    I installed one of the cms options ofered within Fantastico and I now have a website.

    I want to ask you if e107 templates are supported as cPAddons or within Fantastico. I have a free hosting with the intermediary php option (2).

    I have a great template (e107) and I wonder e107 can be implemented by request on my account?

    Kindly yours
    X10radio isn't loading, can you have a look at it for me please.


    This is the error message that I get when I try and view my website. the address for my website is

    Please could your try and tell me what the problem is and how to sort it out or could you try and sort it out.


    Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (111)
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