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  • Sir, I am waleed

    I want to know why you ban zubair12.
    he is my friend and also my neighbor
    He call me and say to talk to you.

    Reply soon!!!
    What happened to the AWstats feature in the CPanel? I have a client who wants to check how many hits their website is getting. I host that website under my account. Let me know what is going on. My emailaddress is

    My website on Chopin server is down for the past 6 days!! I have submitted a support ticket regarding this issue but unfortunately I haven't received any reply!! As far as I understood, Some recompilation of Apache Server was taking place since June 21. If someone would kindly tell me whether this update process is completed or not? And if not, then how long will it take?

    I'm able to access my account and modify my files using FTP. But No HTTP until this moment (403 access denied + 404 Not found).

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Woww, thats what I call service. Its working again, no better hosting then x10 for sure (but maybe a better server then lotus :p)


    Well not that great service, im suspended now. Pls unsuspend me fast :d. Or read tickets
    Corey pls pls pls, I finaly managed to get in a big newspaper with my site and now the DB is broken. Can you please exceed limits or something? Running on absolut.

    BTW: I cant login at main-site 2
    Hey. I know you all are getting a lot of nasty messages lately so I wanted to remind you that most of us are very greatful for what you do. The service is great and updates will make it even better. We are patient and greatful and happy to be here. Keep up the good work.
    Corey, how's it going, I like your Avatar, that's somthing I would love to know how to do!
    But I came here mainly to ask a question that I can't find the answer too, how many points do you get for each Post? Also, how do you get a good looking Signature, I see alot of people with it so I figured I would come to the one guy who might know.
    If you came up with this service, awesome jump on the issues better than many other free sites
    Hi Corey,

    I was wondering when we would get our prizes with regards the to newsletter contests. I won the contest back in March, and its almost the end of April now. I've gone through all the threads and most of them say that you have to wait a bit before you can claim sometimes you are pretty busy with all the things going on at x10. I'm still waiting for my PM, and please take this as a kind reminder. I hope you get to it soon.

    Thanks in advance,

    hi corey, was wondering if you could add my ip to the firewall again as my gameserver status thingy no longer appears on my site. i also run a status app for teamspeak and that doesnt appear as online now either. any help would be glady appreciated
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