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    I can relate to this, as I experienced the same without any resolution, I must add. If anyone has any suggestion, it's certainly welcome. Here's my goal: I wanted "/" to redirect to a directory (for example, to without having a...
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    osticket install help

    A couple of installation attempt by Softaculous resulted in "fatal error - contact site admin" (when the index page is tried), but the first try using Fantastico was a success. Don't forget to remove your installation by Softaculous before you try the other one.
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    php include

    monsterm, my guess is you'll want to tweak your password protection script to work, but if you're open to other alternatives, try Apache's built-in password protection (via cPanel) as suggested by "mission". It worked for me.
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    Dislpaying my index.htm file

    When you try your url for homepage, do you get the following message? Great Success ! Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server If you haven't already, place index.htm in public_html directory, and try your url again. If you still just get the success page, try the complete url like...
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    Chopin on high resource usage

    Not sure what server reset you're referring to, but loading index.html file from the root folder still is an issue for me. index.php loads fine, but index.html wold not load; instead the server default page loads. I have copies index.html file in a deeper directory, and that loads fine. Edit...
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    Chopin on high resource usage

    Glad to hear about the monitoring. I hope the suspension kicks in, before it brings the server down affecting everyone else. I also hope that I am not causing this high usage. I am still trying to resurrect (it's working somewhat) my lost account (in starka).
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    Chopin on high resource usage

    I hope someone is monitoring heavy resource usage on Chopin. If the status link from cPanel is showing a true picture, I'm kind of worrried. I have never seen memory usage that high. Here's how it looked just now (12:44 PM Eastern 7/8/09): Server Load 9.05 (4 cpus) Memory Used 90.4 %
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    Backup Issues

    Well looks like I got excited little too soon. When the nameserver change (I'd it parked somewhere else for the time being) took effect, the dreaded error message "400 - invalid hostname" reappeared. Any suggestions?
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    Backup Issues

    Thanks, MarKool. After getting no response on my ticket for two weeks (and my account being inactive for nearly 3 weeks), I just signed up for a new account with a temp domain and then was able to switch it to my primary domain. I seem okay for now, but I suspect there may an issue, when purge...
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    Backup Issues

    Thanks for the update, Corey. Good luck, Bryon and David.
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    Backup Issues

    I am on the same boat. Can't login to account panel since 6/18/09 (used to be on starka). Opened a ticket on 6/21/09 (was closed in a sweep, re-opened), and changing the priority from medium to critical gradually, but no response what so ever. I gave up on my files long time back. I will be fine...
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    Latest update news thread response: 6/22/09

    Has anyone been successfully transferred from starka to stoli? I couldn't find any thread in the news or server alerts forums to know for sure if all accounts have been transferred over. My website (used to be on starka) is down since 6/18/09, and I can't login to account panel. I opened a...
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    ANy idea when starka will be up and running again?

    Well, I can't login to account management system. Going by server alerts thread, I am not sure, if I should open a support ticket. Has any previously "starka" customer been able to login to their account after the move?
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    It's Corey's Birthday!!

    happy belated birthday
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    MySQL storage

    Thanks, Livewire. I'll keep that in mind. Even without being popular, I will face challenge with storage, because I am dealing with user submitted blobs (images).