Change X10 Sub-Domain to Your Owned Domain

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  1. rockee

    rockee New Member

    I have just had great success changing from my X10HOSTING free sub-domain to my registered domain name

    Here's how I did it from information derived from doing a forum search - a very useful tool indeed.

    1. I logged in to my Account Management Panel (AMP) to check the current details.
    Everything looked correct for

    Now I can check that will be accepted on X10

    2. I ticked the box Check if using your own domain name under ACCOUNT DETAILS
    The text box now becomes empty and available to enter your own domain name.

    3. I typed in and clicked on the button Confirm domain to check the domain name's availability.
    I received a message back in green:
    The domain you have chosen is currently available

    Now everything checks out OK and I can proceed with the next phase of changing the nameservers at the domain name registrar I registered with.

    Leave the AMP open, and in a new browser tab go to your domain name registrar - I use GoDaddy so I will explain what I did there.

    4. Log in to GoDaddy and go to My Account and look for Manage Domains and click on the menu item to go there.

    5. Next click on the current link to your NS1 and NS2 settings.

    6. Replace the current nameserver setting with:

    7. Click on Save and OK in the next 2 screens.
    You will receive a confirmation email that your changes have been noted.
    Job done so you can now log out of GoDaddy.

    8. Return to the AMP where you still have your domain name entered in the box.

    9. Click on the button Confirm hosting details and take notice of the warning
    Please only hit confirm once and be patientas this message is very important to having a successful transition.

    10. Now you will have to wait for the nameserver changes you made at your domain name registrar to propagate the Internet, which could take up to 48 hours.
    (After the 2 day wait - this is because the .ws TLD is operated by some very laid back South Pacific Islanders - my was ready and I can now access my web site and my cPanel with no problems at all).

    BTW the TLD .ws can now be transferred to another domain name registrar, which was not previously allowed - this info found under the FAQ sub heading
    .WS Ownership Transfers
    Can I transfer my domain to another registrar?

    at the World Site Registry

    In the mean time your X10HOSTING subdomain will become unavailable including the associated cPanel.

    Be patient at this stage and do some work on your site on your PC or otherwise occupy your time until your nameserver changes takes effect.

    You can however still access your cPanel, if you need to use it, by simply using your server's shared IP address, like so:
    and entering your current user/pass - the one you signed up with and the one you use to access these forums.

    If you had upgraded your PHP to Intermediate then it should remain the same after your domain name change - mine did.

    If you have not upgraded PHP and you wish your domain name to have the Intermediate extended features, then you can upgrade your PHP before closing the AMP and wait some more for the upgrade confirmation email from X10HOSTING.

    The above process required no intervention from X10HOSTING staff, that I was aware of.
    Also it eliminates the need to post a forum request to have your sub-domain changed to your owned domain name.

    Now when you check the Detailed Hosting Account Information under the heading HOSTING ACCOUNT INFORMATION in the AMP you will see the new details for your owned domain name.

    If hope I have not missed anything and this how-to proves to be helpful.

    Good luck with it.

  2. prppedro

    prppedro New Member

    Nice tutorial ¬¬

    I'm going to test my UNI.CC account and Free.DNS
  3. reglus

    reglus New Member

    awsome i will need to have a go at this. You gave the tutorial in great detail :biggrin:
  4. gomco

    gomco New Member

    this is what i did
  5. rockee

    rockee New Member

    Thanks very muchly goes to all those members who gave this me a positive rep, much appreciated.

  6. tittat

    tittat New Member

    ian using my own domain.But i still use x10 subdomain at account panel.Because i can double check with both domains if site is unavailable.Nice idea is it?
  7. pathaka

    pathaka New Member

    Great man..
    Thanks a lot.
    Your tutorial was of great help to me.

  8. 1erik1

    1erik1 Member

    haha yea when I tried to do this it took me a while to figure it out.
  9. leafypiggy

    leafypiggy Manager of Pens and Office Supplies Staff Member

    sorry, but you forgot a step.

    You have to click, "Update my account details" for the domain to be saved.
  10. mroctogon

    mroctogon New Member

    Awesome tutorial! works like a champ. One question though:
    I got to direct to just like you said, but in the address bar it changes to say, and not like I would like it to. Where can I make this change? Thank you.
  11. rockee

    rockee New Member

    I don't see that clickable "Update my account details" item in my AMP.

    If your AMP is different, then by all means substitute item 9 for the button provided to save the changed domain name details in your implementation of the AMP.

    Item 9 saves the changed domain and password details in my implementation of the AMP, which is correct for this tutorial and so was not forgotten.
    Perhaps you missed the point of this tutorial.

    It is not for directing your main domain to a sub-domain, it is for replacing your free x10 sub-domain with your owned domain, if you actually do own the domain name and have changed the nameservers to point to the x10 nameservers, at your domain name registrar.

    Remember you have to wait for the nameserver changes to propagate the Internet which can take up to 48 hours.

    If and when the changes to the domain name have been successful and have propagated then you will only be able to login to your cPanel with your owned domain name - do not use a www in front of in the above tutorial or the process will fail.

    BTW, www is really only a sub-domain of anyway, so don't use it when configuring anything to do with your domain name, only use it in your browser address bar.

    Your free x10 sub-domain will be no more after following the tutorial.

    Check in your cPanel after making the changes outlined in the tutorial and after waiting for propagation, that all you have is your in the Main domain field.

    Is now possible to have more domains using the Addon Domains feature under the cPanel heading Domains or you can add domains using the Parked Domains feature or simply by adding sub-domains to your using the Subdomains feature
    So you may want by configuring the Subdomains feature in cPanel.

    Did you, previous to following the tutorial, set a Redirects in cPanel under the heading Domains?
    If so then you need to delete that redirect if it redirecting to your free x10 subdomain but as far as I am aware this would be removed by the server script that set's up your domain name change.

    BTW, clear your browser's cache often when making any changes, as the browser's cache may be serving a old cached page to you.

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  12. hakin581

    hakin581 New Member

    Hey this work just like a charm THanks very much
  13. varunrai

    varunrai New Member

    When i tried updating .. I got the following error

    An Error Has Occurred
    Whoops, it appears that there was an error modifying your domain. The errors are listed below.

    * Whm error: account package id no longer exists in the panel. (code modifydomain_1)

    You may attempt to correct any errors that occurred after continuing.
  14. rockee

    rockee New Member

    Try again to do the deed and if you get the same message then post your issue in the Free Hosting forum where tech. support staff are in attendance - they have access to the Web Host Manager (WHM) and so may be able to fix it for you.

  15. clanuis

    clanuis New Member

    Hey! Thanks for the tutorial!

    But I have a problem. IT access just fine with but if I try it doesn't work. I tried to add "www" as a subdomain but the cpanel didn't let me to do that because "www" may not be configured as a subdomain explicitly =/

    How to make it work with or without "www"?

    Edit: Jeje, nevermind. It works now. It just needed more time. In 6 hours everything was ok ^_^ Thanks anyway.
    Last edited: May 21, 2008
  16. kkenny

    kkenny Active Member

    Very nice tutorial. Nice work on it :) I'm sure it will help a lot of users.
  17. nicedatx10

    nicedatx10 New Member

    i wanna know my website ip (server ip in AMP - it is?), to add A-record.
    i use search, but can't find how to solve my problem.

    Last edited: May 26, 2008
  18. rockee

    rockee New Member


    The server IP displayed in your AMP is your server's main IP.

    For example, me on Lotus is:
    Server Name: Lotus.x10
    IP Address:

    You can find your shared IP using your cPanel and reading the info in the left panel where you can see that the IPs are different:
    Server Name: Lotus
    Shared IP Address:

    Your website IP therefore is the shared IP found in your cPanel not the one found in your AMP.

    For example, my old X10 Hosting address on Lotus would look like this: =

    For absolute certainty, as I am not sure if you can use either of those IPs, post your message in the Free Hosting forum where an X10 Hosting techo will give you a definitive answer about what to use in your zone file's A Record edits for your particular web site.

    I hope this has been some help to you.

  19. nicedatx10

    nicedatx10 New Member

    thx. ip from cpanel is correct ;)
  20. myatt88

    myatt88 New Member

    Absolutly Amazing! Thankyou so much m8!

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